Top 12 Best Selling Canadian Chocolate Bars

Top 12 Best Selling Canadian Chocolate Bars

Stock all these Canadian chocolate bars! 

Offer your customers a taste of home sweet home with the top 12 best-selling Canadian chocolate bars! Canada is the home to some of the most delicious chocolate bars that have ever existed. 
Your customers will unwrap each and every one of these chocolate bars with stars in their eyes, and they'll eat them with sweet satisfaction!
Discover the top 12 Canadian Chocolate Bars to have in your candy store...

#1. Mirage Chocolate Bar

Mirage Chocolate Bar - Canadian Chocolate Bars - Nestle Canada
This Canadian chocolate bar will disappear so fast you'll understand why they call it a Mirage bar!
The Mirage Chocolate Bar offers an uncomplicated taste of rich milk chocolate. Made with a sink your teeth into aerated texture, a myriad of bubbles offers a light and creamy texture. 
This Canadian chocolate gem is all about that silky and luxurious texture. Simple, yes, but hands down, truly delectable! 
The Mirage Bar made its debut in 1983! It's an indisputable Canadian champ you need to showcase in your candy store!
Bite after bubbly bite; your customers will be deliciously intrigued by the Mirage Chocolate Bar!

#2. Crispy Crunch 

Crispy Crunch - Canadian Candy Bars - Cadbury Canada
Your customers will be craving this famous crunch after just one bite! 
Crispy Crunch is a favourite choice of Canadian chocolate bars. Every taste of the Crispy Crunch delivers a deliciously dynamic crunch.
Made with an irresistible middle of a flaky and ultra-crunchy peanut butter confection, sandwich between two layers of ripply Cadbury chocolate.
Crispy Crunch chocolate bar made its sweet debut in 1912! It might be old-fashioned, but it never lost its remarkable and crunchy appeal!
The much-needed crunch to have in your chocolate section and a quintessential bar to have in your candy store! It's crunch time with the one and only Crispy Crunch!

#3. Jersey Milk Chocolate Bar


Jersey Milk Chocolate Bar - Canadian Chocolate Bars - Cadbury
Your candy store just would not be complete without the classic Jersey Milk Chocolate Bar.These  Canadian chocolate bars feature a smooth and creamy texture made with the very freshest of ingredients creating that smooth consistency.
Your customers will adore this delectable-tasting milk chocolate.
Loved since 1924, the Jersey Milk Bar has been loved for 100 years by the hungriest of Canadians!
Don't let its plain and simple packaging fool you; This winning Canadian chocolate bar offers more than meets the eye! 
Get to the bottom line of creamy milk chocolate with the famous Jersey Milk Chocolate Bar!

#4. Cadbury Flake

Cadbury Flake - Canadian Chocolate Bars
Get ready to be floored by the fantastic flake!
The Cadbury Flake chocolate bar is made right here in Toronto, Canada, at the Cadbury Chocolate Factory on Gladstone Ave.
These delectable-tasting Canadian chocolate bars begin with layers upon layers of rich-tasting milk chocolate. Every bite is deliciously delicate and will ever so sweetly melt in your mouth. You won't even mind those flakes of chocolate that fall around your mouth; you'll get every last bit! There'll be not a single "Flake" left behind!
A favourite Cadbury chocolate bar among Canadians, your chocolate-seeking customers will have this at the top of their must-have chocolate bar list!
Adding this to your candy store will have your customers back time and time again!
The famous Flake Bar made its debut in 1920, offering a pure taste of unadulterated chocolate bliss!
Find what's been missing in your life with the incredible Cadbury Flake Chocolate Bar!

#5. Crunchie Bar

Crunchie Bar - Canadian Candy Bars - Cadbury Canada
Bring the "gold" to your candy store with the Crunchie Bar!
These Canadian chocolate bars feature a golden middle of sponge toffee wrapped in a thick layer of rich-tasting Cadbury chocolate.
Every bite offers the ultimate texture, delivering a huge crunch in each and every taste!
That golden sponge toffee enhances the creamy milk chocolate. It's truly a match made in candy heaven!
These Canadian Chocolate Bars have been thrilling us since the 1960s. Featuring that golden-hued wrapper, these chocolate bars are the "golden child" in the world of chocolate!
A compulsory bar to offer in your candy store! Your chocolate section would seriously be lacking without the Crunchie Bar!
Give your customers a gold rush of taste with the one and only Crunchie Bar!

#6. Caramilk 

Caramilk - Canadian Chocolate Bars - Cadbury
Tempt your customers with the mysteriously delicious taste of the Caramilk!
No candy store would be worth visiting without these iconic Canadian chocolate bars.
Your customers will love to have this oozing caramel drip down their chins! The Caramilk Bar features a middle of nectarous, golden flowing caramel resting in between rich-tasting Cadbury chocolate.
Every bite is filled with that cascading caramel, and of course, this chocolate bar would appeal to any caramel lover. 
These Canadian candy bars has been eagerly reached for since 1968. We might never know how they get that famous caramel inside. Caramilk is just one of the world's sweet secrets! It's a perplexing question that your customers will love to think about as they bite through this beloved Cadbury chocolate.
Add some sweet suspense to your candy store with Caramilk!

#7. Mr. Big Chocolate Bar

Mr Big Chocolate Bar - Canadian Chocolate Bars
Made for those customers who love the biggest and the best!
The Mr. Big Chocolate Bar is eight inches long, making it the very biggest Canadian chocolate bar on the market!
Your candy store wouldn't be complete without this big, classic candy bar! 
Made with big taste and texture, this chocolate bar starts off with a layer of thick milk chocolate making way for a middle of crisp vanilla wafers,
crunchy bits of puffed rice, golden caramel, and crunchy roasted peanuts. Your customers won't be able to resist the giant taste of a Mr. Big bar.
Making its big bang in the 1970s, this sweet and staggering chocolate bar has been loved and devoured by generations!
It's big, it's burly, and it definitely deserves a spot in your candy store!

#8. Cherry Blossom Chocolate

Cherry Blossom Chocolate - Canadian Candy Bars
Give your customers the cherry on top with the Cherry Blossom Chocolate!
This magnificent Canadian chocolate starts with a plump and juicy maraschino cherry in the center. Surrounded by oozingly sweet cherry syrup, roasted peanuts and bits of coconut wrapped up in an irresistible milk chocolate bundle.
Your candy store requires the old-fashioned taste of the delectable Cherry Blossom Chocolate! Your customers will experience those sweet days gone by with just one look at this classic Cherry Blossom. They'll be thrilled to find it in your chocolate section!
This cherry-infused chocolate made its delicious debut in the early 1890s, remaining a top-selling chocolate to this very day!
Taste some sweet Canadian history with the illustrious Cherry Blossom Chocolate!

#9. Big Turk


Big Turk - Canadian Candy Bars - Nestle Canada
One of the most polarizing Canadian chocolate bars that exist, the Big Turk Chocolate Bar offers a delicious and unique flavour!
Offering a chewy, magenta-coloured Turkish Delight middle infused with rose water, wrapped up in a thick layer of ripply milk chocolate.
Your customers will be over the moon to find the Big Turk bar in your candy store. The Big Turk always stands out in a crowd!
Made with a classic taste, this candy bar offers a one-of-a-kind chewy texture along with remarkable flavours. It deserves a spot in every
candy store! It can sometimes be hard to find, so be the candy store that really has it all and stock the Big Turk in your chocolate section!
Make a big impression with the famous taste of Big Turk!

#10. Eatmore Bars

Eatmore Bars - Canadian Candy Bars - Hershey's Canada
Your customers are hungry! Make sure they "Eatmore" with the Eatmore Bars!
This Canadian candy bar is compelling, to say the least. Boasting a firm yet chewy texture, offering a combination of
robust dark toffee, chocolate and crunchy roasted peanuts.
Eatmore Bars have been satisfying generations of hungry Canadians since the 1930s. This candy bar offers its uniquely delicious taste, making it a stand-out bar.
A must-have classic Canadian candy bar to feature in your candy store. The Eatmore bar will complete your chocolate section, and your customers will return so they can "Eatmore"!

#11. Coffee Crisp 

Coffe Crisp - Canadian Candy Bars
If you ask any Canadian how they like their coffee, they just might say crisp!
Coffee Crisp is a darling in the world of Canadian chocolate bars. Featuring a middle of light and crisp wafers sandwiched with a flavorful foamed coffee creme all wrapped up in real milk chocolate. Every bite offers a light, crispy texture, which is perfect with that creamy milk chocolate.
Coffee Crisp is a quintessential chocolate bar to have stocked in your candy store. Take your chocolate section from zero to hero with these winning Canadian Chocolate Bars!
Famous since its delicious debut in 1939, your customers will always be back for more of this one-of-a-kind coffee-infused bar!
Wake up your customer's taste buds with the iconic taste of Coffee Crisp!

#12. Wunderbar


Wunderbar - Canadian Candy Bars - Cadbury
Your customers will "wunder" where this chocolate bar has been all their lives! 
Wunderbar is a great Canadian wonder! Making its sweet debut in the 1970s, Wunderbar Chocolate does not miss a beat!
These Canadian chocolate bars start off with a middle consisting of a meaty peanut butter and caramel concoction, encased in a rich and thick layer of Cadbury chocolate. The trio of peanut butter, caramel and chocolate is executed perfectly. 
This sturdy, thick and well-endowed chocolate bar will have your customers back to your candy store time and time again to capture the likes of the delectable Wunderbar chocolate bar!
Wunderbar will wake up any chocolate section; its hefty size will sweetly squelch any chocolate cravings!
Make your candy store some kind of "wunderful" with the famous Wunderbar!

Your customers deserve these Canadian Candy Bars!

We offer so many great things in this great land of ours! Make your candy store one of Canada's very best with these best-selling Canadian chocolate bars!
After all, one of our national pastimes besides hockey and Tim Horton's is indulging in some of our exquisite-tasting chocolate bars!
Which Canadian chocolate bars will you add to your candy store? 

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