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We would love to help you with all your candy needs!  Our specialty is a range from the most classic timeless retro candies, to the newest and most uniquely innovative treats and exotic snacks. 

We also offer some of the following:

  • exclusive drinks
  • condiments and seasonings inspired by your favourite franchises
  • an array of baked goods
  • candy inspired scented candles
  • and so much more...

Read more to learn about us and find answers to your questions below.

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We require our customers to have an account to make a purchase. To create an account, all you need to do is click here and enter a few personal details and you can start purchasing right away.

We only process orders via the website so we are not able to accept your order over the phone or via email.

The prices that are visible on the website are already calculated at a discounted rate for wholesale, so these are you final costs.

No, we do not have a working price list or catalogue to view. All of the products that we currently carry can be seen directly on the website only.

This is because the nature of our type of merchandise is very dynamic and frequently updated, so the best real time presentation of our inventory is online.

(If you are looking for guidance on MSRP please contact us directly).

Yes, we do have a strict minimum order subtotal of $250 for all customers. There are no exceptions to this rule because our goal as a wholesaler is to distribute products to other businesses in the confectionery and related industries.

We offer a welcome discount to our new customers that have subscribed to our newsletter. There may also sometimes be discounts included in these newsletters or sales for specific products on the website.

We are not structured to offer tiered discounts so any additional discounts may only be attained on a case by case basis when there is a strong relationship already established.

No, we will not accept credit with no exceptions. We only accept payment in full prior to delivery.

Unfortunately, our facility serves as a fulfillment center for our online orders so we are not effectively set-up for pick ups by either our customers personally, or by other shipping carriers arranged by our customers.

This also means that we are not able to have our customers shop in the warehouse as we exclusively conduct our business online.


We are located in Mississauga, Ontario, allowing us to ship all over Canada, to even the most remote areas, and to most of the USA. We also ship to the UK. If you are interested in further international shipments we may be able to accommodate you. See below for how to inquire about these opportunities.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to offer free shipping for all orders made with us with no excptions. For us to offer these amazing products at these affordable prices and ship them to even remote locations, we do require that our customers handle their own shipping fees. These rates are simply determined by your shipping destination and total order weight.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, but we are working on this for the future.

We mainly use Canada Post for all domestic shipments and PO Boxes, but also rely on UPS for larger orders in multiple packages. For orders that need to be palletized, we use a variety of LTL freight shipping services.

If you are ordering internationally, we only use what we have found to be the most efficient and reliable service, DHL.

Firstly, your order needs to be processed, (picked and packed to be prepared for shipment), which may take anywhere between 1-3 business days.*

Once prepared, your order will be shipped with the carrier of your choosing, unless a characteristic of your order forces us to select a different service. At this time, you will receive an update with the tracking number assigned to your order. Transit time varies depending on your location, and once a package leaves our facility we no longer have any control over its whereabouts.

*This may be subject to change based on availability of products, and/or how busy we are. If there is any issue with your order you will be notified so it can be shipped asap.


While we want to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with our services and the products we offer, due to the sensitive nature of our products being consumable, we are unable to allow returns or offer exchanges.

However, if you received an incorrect product, then you must contact us to investigate and quickly resolve the issue.

We thoroughly take every precaution to carefully package your order and protect the integrity and quality of all items to the best of our abilities.

This also includes heat protection during the warmer months with the use of insulation and ice packs for heat sensitive products. Therefore we may not accept liability for damages beyond our control at the level of our operations.

If a product appears to have arrived damaged despite our best efforts, then please contact us within 7 days of receiving your package for a resolution. You will be required to send a picture of the enclosed packing slip as well as the relevant damage to receive a refund.

If a product seems to be defective as a result of its production by the manufacturer, then you may let us know but we cannot guarantee that we can remedy the issue.

As a busy online distributer we cycle through inventory quite rapidly. So while we claim no guarantee of the expiry dates of our products, we follow a strict first-in first-out inventory management procedure to ensure the longest code date possible for your business.

Some items are just naturally prone to having shorter shelf lives. These can include imported candies and chocolates that may spend a considerable time in transit, as well as things like baked goods and chips. On the other hand, many candies have shelf lives well over a year.

If a product appears to have arrived expired or too close to code despite our best efforts, then please contact us within 7 days of receiving your package for a resolution. You will be required to send a picture of the enclosed packing slip as well as the relevant expired item to receive a refund.

However, if a product arrives to you with an ample shelf life and still expires then we are not liable to reimburse you for said product.

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