Mr Big Chocolate Bar - 24 Pack

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Don't mess with a Mr Big Bar!

Satisfy even the hungriest of customers with eight inches of pure deliciousness! A Mr. Big Chocolate Bar is an iconic and gigantic Canadian chocolate bar!

Certainly impressive. Made with crisp vanilla wafers, crunchy bits of rice, sweet golden caramel, and the goodness of roasted peanuts, all encased in a layer of Cadbury chocolate.
This Canadian Candy bar is the largest in size that Cadbury Canada produces. The famous Mr. Big Bar is not only generous in size but packs some absolutely delicious flavour and a variety of textures.
One of our favourites, this big and burly chocolate bar is a staple in every chocolate section.
Spread the big taste with this legendary Canadian classic, Mr. Big Chocolate Bar!
  • Made in Canada

60 g Bars | 24 Count Box

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