Caramilk - 48 Pack

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What is the Caramilk Secret?

Don't keep this sweet secret from your customers! 
Caramilk has been a famous Canadian chocolate bar
since its arrival in 1968!
For good reason.
Upon biting into this rich-tasting bar of smooth milk chocolate
you'll discover a flowing and golden caramel that deliciously
seeps out and will inevitably get stuck on your lips.
You won't really mind as this is what makes
for the Caramailk experience!
We still question how they get that caramel inside.
It's still a Caramilk Secret.
This puzzling question still crosses the minds
of anyone who indulges in the Caramilk Bar.
It's a sweet secret, an enigma that just adds to the delectable taste!
Long loved and reached for by many, Caramilk
is an essential Canadian Chocolate bar that is
a must-have in your chocolate section!
Share the remarkable taste with Caramilk!
  • Made in Canada

50 g Bars | 48 Pack

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Doug Marr

Kiddos loved the full size bars. All 215 of them.