EatMore Bars 52g - 24 Pack

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  They have to Eat More Chocolate Bars!

Why not invite your hungry customers to Eat More with this incredible Canadian candy bar? 

Eatmore Bars are a Canadian classic! Made with the tender texture of a robust-tasting, rich dark toffee, the goodness of crunchy roasted peanuts and chocolate. 
It's a one-of-a-kind Canadian taste that we adore! Sure to satisfy with the freshest of ingredients and that mouthwatering chewy texture. 
We hungry Canadians always want to Eat More and who can blame us with such a delicious bar?
Your customers will return time and time again to find the famous Eatmore Bars. It's an essential bar for every candy section!
Get into the delicious action with EatMore Bars!
52g | 24 Count