Cherry Blossom Candy - 24 Pack

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Lowney Cherry Blossom Candy

Give your customers a sweet taste of days gone by with the old fashioned Cherry Blossom Candy. This iconic Canadian Candy consists of a plump and juicy Maraschino cherry, that is oozing with sweet cherry flavoured syrup, roasted peanuts and bits of coconut all perfectly tucked away in delicious chocolate. It sounds complicated, but these elements come together so beautifully to create a delectable and magnificent Canadian treat!

The Cherry Blossom made it's candy debut in the very early 1890s, and has remained a number one selling Canadian Candy to this day! A favourite old fashioned candy that has dripped down many a hungry chin! 
Give them a bite of our Canadian Candy history with the luscious and acclaimed Cherry Blossom Candy!

45 g

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