Allan Candy Red Berries 2.5 kg - 1 Bag

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Allan Red Berries Bulk Candy

Allan Candy has been a Canadian candy tradition since 1931

Your customers will love nothing more than these succulent-tasting red berries. No picking is required. Just simply open the bag and indulge in Allan Red Berries Candy!

This Canadian Candy is just ripe for eating! Red, berry-shaped candy has been a favourite of many a Canadian kid since the 1930s! Eaten by the handfuls, mouthfuls or from wrinkly brown paper bags.
Each bite has that mouthwatering, chewy texture and that fresh and luscious berry flavour we know you require!
Allan Candy is a highly popular candy that has graced the tastebuds of many for generations. It's a quintessential candy to have in every candy store.
Open wide for the intense deliciousness of the Allan Red  Berries Candy!

 2.5 kg - 1 bag

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