Rockets Candy 2 kg - 1 Bag

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Canadian Rockets Candy

Blast your customer's tastebuds with this delicious Retro Candy!

Rockets Candy is a classic Canadian Candy! Filled with the sweet taste of nostalgia, Rockets include the awesome fruity flavours of Orange-Cream,  Pineapple, Cherry, Strawberry, Grape and Orange! This wafer-like candy comes in a convenient roll, and surely has been the yummy content of many a pocket! 

Americans have a similar candy but they call their candy, Smarties! However, we Canadians know that we have the real Smarties and the best Rockets Candy around!  
3, 2, 1 Blastoff! Into a very sweet oblivion with one of our treasured Canadian Candies, Rocket Candy!

2 kg Bulk Candy Bag