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Your Store Needs The Best Top 10 Sour Candies

Your Sweet Customers Want Sour Candy

All the sour candy that your customers need! Let them fall to their knees with the tangiest, sourest, cringe-inducing sour candy there is! Every candy aisle needs a large and exciting selection of sour candy, and every sour candy lover needs a well-stocked store that fills all of their sour cravings!
Get ready to pucker up! We've made you a list of our top 10 Sour Candies.

#1. Koala Jumbo Sour Suckers

Koala Jumbo Sour Suckers Candy

These sour candies often go by some different names, such as Sour Keys, Sour Soothers or Sour Suckers. Whatever you may call them, they are a number one selling sour candy. Jumbo Sour Suckers are one of the most popular sour gummy candies sold. In the tangy world of sour candies, these are essential to have stocked in your candy section. Sour, gummy candy with a key like shape, that are covered in granules of sweet sugar just to help with the sour sting. Every candy lover seeks the deliciousness of Koala Jumbo Sour Suckers! 

#2.Allan Big Foot Sour Blue Raspberry

Allan Big Foot Sour Blue Raspberry Candy

Prepare to have your sour candy wants to be squashed with the Allan Big Foot Sour Blue Raspberry Candy. A Canadian candy, that is the not so distant cousin to the Allan Big Foot Original but with a sour twist. Yes, feet can really smell good, and the Allan Big Foot Sour Blue Raspberry candies really do! With a raspberry flavour and a balance of zingy sour, they are also made with real fruit juice! Be sure to check out the whole line of our Allan Candy.

#3. Albanese Sour Fruit Gummi Bears

Albanese Fruiti Sour Gummy Bears Candy

Sure, these bears look cute but watch out. They bite back with their sourness! Albanese Sour Fruit Gummi Bears are a soft and chewy, fruity flavoured sour candy. Albanese Sour fruit Gummi Bears come in six, sour and tangy flavours including Cherry, Apple, Pineapple, Orange, Lemon and Watermelon. Mouthwatering, fruity and perfectly chewy, a great sour candy to share or to use in a colourful candy buffet. Your customers will come to expect these cute Gummy Bears in your sour candy section. Give your sweet customers some very sour bears!

#4. Toxic Waste Sour Candy Drums

#4. Toxic Waste Sour Candy Drums

When they say that "Toxic Waste" is hazardous, we take them quite seriously. You will too after eating this seriously sour candy! Toxic Waste Sour Candy Drums are individually wrapped sour candies that are outrageously sour, and will make you squirm! Not for the faint of heart, but for every sour candy section around! The "toxic" sourness does subside after about 20-30 seconds and you're left with a nice and well rounded sweet candy. Or so you think! Beware inside the very center there are more sour surprise tastes to be had! Toxic Waste Sour Candy comes in 5 fantastically sour flavours including Apple, Lemon, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry and Black Cherry. "We Dare You", as this sour candy states, to entice all your customers will the shrilling tartness and sour taste of Toxic Waste Sour Candy.

#5.Sour Poppers Sour Foam Candy

#5.Sour Poppers Sour Foam Candy

A fun and entertaining sour candy! A yummy and novelty candy all in one! The Sour Poppers Sour Foam Candy comes in a foamy consistency that you can spray directly into your mouth. A unique and fun way to get your sour candy fix! The Sour Poppers Sour Foam Candy is highly entertaining, great for a gag gift, or even a surprise spray in the face at a birthday party. Get your camera's ready for some funny faces! The Sour Poppers Sour Foam Candy comes in three fun and foamy flavours including Green Apple, Strawberry and Blue Raspberry. Give your store some excitement, and your customers some foamy and sour candy fun!

#6. Sweetarts Chewy Sours

Sweetarts Chewy Sours Candy

We can thank Willy Wonka for these sour candy treats! Sweetarts Chewy Sours are deliciously yummy, chewy and have a balance of delicate tanginess. You won't cry tears of sour candy joy as these are more of a tolerable taste. Sweetarts Chewy Sours was once known as "Shockers" but have since had a name change. A retro candy that's a great choice for a first time sour candy newbie. Sweetarts Chewy Sours come in Red, Green, Purple, Blue and Orange. A sour candy from Willy Wonka that will add some sour flair to any candy aisle!

#7. Kidsmania Sour Soda Pop

Kidsmania Sour Soda Pop Candy

This sour candy is not only yummy to eat, but also super fun to play with! Kidsmania Sour Soda Pop are tiny pop bottles that are filled with tangy, sour powder. You'll enjoy opening these miniature bottles and pouring the sour candy powder in your mouth. A fun and entertaining sour candy for everyone! Also a great addition to any gift. Kidsmania Sour Soda Pop comes in Cherry, Cola, Lemon and Green Apple. An amusing sour candy for every candy section!

#8.Warheads Smash Up Extreme Sour Hard Candy

Warheads Smash Up Extreme Sour Hard Candy

Warheads Candy already take sour to a whole new level. But the Warheads Smash Up Extreme Sour Hard Candy are just that, extremely sour! This hard sour candy has combined two intensely sour flavours all into one candy! Now you can double your sour candy pleasure! The tangy and mouthwatering combinations include Strawberry/Grape, Orange/Pineapple, Mango/Melon, Lemon/Berry, and Cherry/Lime. The Warheads Smash Up Extreme Sour Hard Candy is just waiting for your lips to pucker and your body to quiver with their exciting and extreme sour taste! Give them a sour extreme, a must have sour candy in your candy aisle.

#9. Cry Baby Bubble Gum

Cry Baby Bubble Gum

This sour bubble gum really could make somebody cry, but only tears of sour candy joy! A sour, retro bubble gum that has smacked the keen, bubble blowing lips of many, for generations! The sourness of this bubble gum lasts for about 40 seconds until you begin to chew on a more tolerable, sweeter level of bubble gum. But, will you be brave enough to bite into this mouthwatering, sour bubble gum? Or will you turn into a cry baby? We hope not!  Don't make your customers cry, toughen up their taste buds with the Cry Baby Bubble Gum.

#10. Jelly Belly Sours Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly Sour Jelly Beans Bulk Candy

These charming, old-fashioned jelly beans are sweet but also have a sour kick! Jelly Belly Sours Jelly Beans are a gourmet jelly bean that comes in superb flavours. With the perfect balance of sweet and sour, these sour jelly beans come in an assortment of five amazing flavours including Sour Cherry, Sour Apple, Sour Grape, Sour Lemon, and Sour Peach. These mouthwatering old fashioned jelly beans are not only deliciously fruity and sour, they come in an array of brilliant colours. A great choice to add a touch of sour zing to a candy buffet! Jelly Belly Sours Jelly Beans are a wonderful addition to any candy section.

Add Excitement to your Candy Section

Sour Candy is such an important candy to have stocked in your candy aisles. A popular and top-selling candy that will always keep those sour candy lovers coming back for more...and more! Those who love sour candy are always trying to top their latest sour candy experience. That's part of the thrill and adventure of all that pungent, lip puckering sour candy. Give them the sourest candy adventure you can and stock up!

Check out all the exciting Sour Candy here!

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