Power Poppers Sour Foam Candy - 12 Pack

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Sour Candy Foam for Sweet Fun!

Now you can really "pop" those sour candy-loving tastebuds with this fun and unique sour candy! The Power Poppers Sour Foam Candy is a sour-tasting foam that you can actually spray directly into your mouth.

A fun way to get that sour candy fix, also very entertaining! Power Poppers Sour Foam would be an amusing candy for a birthday party or any other celebration. Get your camera ready, and open wide, this stuff makes for some great photo opportunities!
The Power Poppers Sour Foam Candy comes in the flavours of Blue Raspberry, Green Apple and Strawberry.

A must-have novelty candy for your sour candy section!

88 ml Bottles | 12 Count Box

Sour Candy Shipped Fast at Wholesale Prices!

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