Top 10 Selling Novelty Candy-i Wholesale Candy

Top 10 Selling Novelty Candies

Play with your candy and eat it too!

For the ultimate experience in candy and fun, Novelty Candy makes everything sweeter! The combination of candy and a toy is not only yummy but also highly amusing! Entertain the kids, your friends, and yourself with some delicious and  Novelty Candy.

Your customers will love delving into the playful and yumminess of all that colourful and exciting Candy! Make your store their source for all of their Novelty Candy needs. This tasty and lively candy is perfect for some funny gag gifts, Birthday Party Favours or as an addition to Loot Bags. 
  Here is our list of the Top Ten Selling Novelty Candies...

#1. Triple Power Push Pop

Top 10 Novelty Candy-Topps Triple Power Push Pop Wholesale Candy

Triple your Lollipop game with the Triple Power Push Pop! A mouthwatering, delicious lollipop that comes with three, yes, three juicy flavours! Eat it all at once, or save some for later, you're in charge with a Push Pop! A fun and delicious novelty lollipop that everybody will love! Flavours include Strawberry, Watermelon, and Blue Rasberry, Twisted Rainbow Sherbet,  Berry Blast, Strawberry Watermelon. Give your customers "Triple" the pleasure with the Triple Power Push Pops! 

#2. Sour Flush Candy

Top 10 Selling Novelty Candy-Kidsmania Sour Flush Toilet Wholesale Candy

This is one toilet you won't mind being so close to! This special Sour Flush toilet comes filled with Sour Candy powder inside. Dip the miniature lollipop plunger to gather all that tart sour powder inside the toilet, then eat it off the plunger lollipop. A fun and tasty novelty candy that would also work as a very funny gag gift. Kids love the shock value of the Sour Flush Toilet, they'll be in disbelief of a toilet that includes candy! A fun and tasty candy that would make any party favour extra exciting and humorous. You won't be bothered by eating from this Sour Flush Toilet bowl!

#3. Quick Blast Sour Candy Spray

Top 10 Selling Novelty Candy-Kidsmania Quick Blast Sour Candy Spray Wholesale Candies

Put out your sour candy craving with the Quick Blast  Sour Candy Spray. Just shoot this fire extinguisher right inside your mouth for a delicious "Quick Blast" of yummy Sour Candy! Quick Blast Sour Candy Spray comes in three tart and sour flavours, Green Apple Burst, Blue Raspberry Blast, Cherry Splash. Quick Blast Sour Candy Spray would be great for a firefighter themed birthday party, also a great party favour to include in a loot bag. Extinguish your customer's sour cravings easily with the Quick Blast Sour Candy Spray!

#4.Candy Jackpot 

Top 10 Selling Novelty Candy-Kidsmania Candy Jackpot Slot Machine Wholesale Candy


Hit the Jackpot and try your luck with the Bubble Gum filled Candy Jackpot! I bet you'll win, just pull the Jackpot lever down and this sweet Candy Jackpot will dispense to you colourful and flavourful Dubble Bubble Gumballs! It's a win-win situation with this fun and exciting Candy Toy!  The Candy Jackpot would be great to have at a party or to add into a candy loot bag. Everybody gets lucky with the sweet filled Dubble Bubble Candy Jackpot! A Novelty Candy that will make all your candy-loving customers feel "lucky"!

#5. Laser Pop

Top 10 Selling Novelty Candy-Kidsmania Laser Pop Wholesale Candy

Find your way in a dark room with the illumination of the Kidsmania Laser Pop! This Lollipop is not only a delicious candy treat but will sweetly light up your life! Comes in a variety of cool laser shapes that you can project onto dark surfaces. The shapes include hearts, stars, a UFO, or a whale. A great give away in a loot bag, a fun candy toy for birthday party sleepovers! The Lollipop flavours include Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Burst and Cherry Blast. Make your candy aisle bright with Laser Pops!

#6. Happy Van

Top 10 Selling Novelty Candy-Kidsmania Happy Van Novelty Candy Wholesale Candy

Get in touch with your inner hippie with this groovy looking Happy Van. Filled with an assortment of delicious fruity tasting candy. A fun toy to play with after you eat all the candy. The Happy Van would be great for a 60's or 70's themed party. Ideal for a party favour or a loot bag. The Happy Van will amuse every kid at heart plus give you candy! What could be better? Stock your candy aisle with the sweet grooviness of peace, love and candy!

#7. Wack Monkey

Top 10 Selling Novelty Candy-Kidsmania Wacky Monkey Wholesale Candy

The next best thing to a pet monkey! This monkey is filled to the brim with candy and will clap it's cymbals together for you. A must have as an entertaining party favour, a fabulous addition to a loot bag. The Wacky Monkey is not only super cute but fun and amusing for all ages. This novelty candy is a must-have in your candy section and is deliciously approved for "monkeying" around with!

#8. Baby Bottle Pop

Top 10 Selling Novelty Candy-Topps Baby Bottle Pop Wholesale Candy

Baby your cute candy cravings with the tasty Baby Bottle Pop. A baby Bottle that is filled with delicious, powdery candy. simply remove the top of the bottle and start dipping into all that fantastic powdery sweetness! Comes in four flavours, Watermelon, Strawberry, Cotton Candy and Blue Raspberry. The Baby Bottle Pop would be the most adorable novelty candy at a gender reveal party or a baby shower. A fun and amusing candy toy to add to a loot bag. A sweet and darling candy that your enticing candy aisle needs!

#9. Soda Can Fizzy Candy

Top 10 Selling Novelty Candy-Kidsmania Soda Can Fizzy Wholesale Candy

A miniature Soda can that is filled with sweet, fizzy candy! A cute take on soda flavoured candy. Comes in some of your most favourite and popular soda flavours, Grape Splash, Lemon-Lime Sprint, Orange Crash and Loca Cola.
Top 10 Selling Novelty Candy-Kidsmania Soda Can Fizzy Wholesale Candy Toronto
The Soda Can Novelty Candy would be a sweet decorative tabletop element for a birthday party, or to hold up place cards on a table. A wonderful treat to add to a loot bag or to give away as a party favour. Let your customers feel like a kid again with these amusing and fun Soda Can Candies!

#10. Sweet Soaker

 Top 10 Selling Novelty Candy-Sweet Soaker Candy Filled Squirt Guns 12-Piece Box Wholesale Candy

Have a water war with your friends after a sweet sugar rush! The Sweet Soaker is a mini squirt gun that is filled with little flavourful jawbreaker candies. Once you're done indulging in the candy, fill it up with water and start soaking! You won't be sad when the candy's all gone, there's more fun to come!
Top 10 Selling Novelty Candy-Kidsmania Top 10 Selling Novelty Candy-Sweet Soaker Candy Filled Squirt Guns Wholesale Candy
A magnificent Novelty Candy for an outdoor birthday party, picnic or a barbeque. Your family and friends won't know what they're in for with the Sweet Soaker! A must have Novelty Candy that your customers will be thrilled to find in your store.

Add sweet times to any party with Novelty Candy!

Eat the Candy, then play! Mom would even approve, it's pure sweet fun! Novelty Candy is sure to make a splash at any occasion or birthday party and is a welcome addition to a candy loot bag. Make them smile and laugh, plus feed them some candy! Great exciting fun for kids of all ages.

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