Kidsmania Laser Pop 0.71oz - 12 Pack

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Focus like a laser beam on this lollipop.

Add Excitement to your Candy Section!

You'll always be armed in the dark with this sweet laser by your side! The Kidsmania Laser Pop is not only filled with an awesome tasting lollipop but has a laser that projects cool designs in the dark! Your nights will never be boring again, great fun to have at a sleepover party or to add to a loot bag. Kidsmania Laser Pop projects different designs, like hearts, smiley faces, soccer balls and cute looking kitty's. Comes in three delicious fruity flavours, Blue Raspberry Rage, Cherry Blast and  Strawberry Burst.  Your candy aisles will be glowing, give your customers a sweet light in the dark with the Kidsmania Laser Pop! 

Sweet Addition to any Party, Celebration or Loot Bags


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