Top 10 American Chocolate Bars You Need-Wholesale Candy Canada

Top 10 American Chocolate Bars You Need To Have

Every Candy Section Needs American Chocolate Bars

What would the world of candy be without chocolate bars? Now imagine the world without American Chocolate Bars. That's not sweet! Embarking on a not so typical chocolate bar is a fun adventure for any candy lover. Let your store be the sweet spot where they find their chocolate bliss!  American Chocolate Bars will peak your customers interest with the promise of something new, different and delicious. American Chocolate Bars are a hard to find item. Be the store that has it all including a fresh and large selection of American Chocolate Bars.
Here are our top 10 American Chocolate Bars that have been consistent best sellers for generations:

#1. 100 Grand Bar

100 Grand American Chocolate Bars Wholesale Candy Canada

The 100 Grand Bar sounds like a rich and chocolatey experience. That's because it is! It has a rich and chewy caramel center, covered in crispy rice pieces that are enrobed in a delicious milk chocolate. This Chocolate Bar first came out in 1966 making it a classic retro candy treat. It was originally called $100,000 Bar which was spoken as "the hundred thousand dollar bar". This changed during the mid 1980's to the simpler 100 Grand. "That's Rich!" is the slogan for this Chocolate Bar and has not changed since it's release. The slogan is perfect for this rich American Chocolate Bar.

#2. 5th Avenue Bar

5th Avenue American Chocolate Bars Wholesale Candy Canada

Sounds like something only the elite can eat as they walk and shop along the ritzy 5th Avenue. This American Chocolate bar is an old fashioned candy bar that came out in 1936. It consists of a crunchy peanut butter middle that is covered in milk chocolate. It's crispy peanut butter middle is well loved for it's crunchiness and is the perfect partner for that smooth and rich milk chocolate. The original Chocolate Bar also had almonds alongside the crispy middle but not long after it's release the almonds were dropped from the bar. Who cares what street you're walking on if you've got a 5th Avenue American Chocolate Bar!

#3. Almond Joy Bar

Almond Joy American Chocolate Bars Wholesale Candy Canada

Sometimes you feel like a nut...
Yes, this Chocolate Bar really does bring "joy". It's that delicious! With almonds, coconut and chocolate you just can't go wrong. This bar will make you feel like your somewhere tropical, maybe exotic, sipping a cool drink beside the pool and watching the palm trees blow in the air. Okay, we know your not there but the point is that this American Chocolate Bar really does capture every flavor of the tropics. The flavor is very apparent and the tiny crunch of the almonds practically makes this bar. They are a great match for all that creamy and luscious coconut. The milk chocolate just beautifully ties this bar together. There is also a version available in dark chocolate. They are both equally fantastic. This is an amazing American Chocolate Bar that your customers will fall in love with.

#4. Mounds Bar

Mounds American Chocolate Bars Wholesale Candy Canada

...sometimes you don't!
This is the cousin to the previously mentioned "Almond Joy" but with no almonds. The Mounds Bar is very straight forward kind of bar. This delicious chocolate bar is made with a fresh tasting shredded coconut middle that is covered with luscious dark chocolate. Perhaps it's simplicity is what makes this American Chocolate Bar so irresistible. When you don't feel like a nut, this is the exact Chocolate Bar to reach for.

#5.Baby Ruth Bar

Baby Ruth American Chocolate Bars Wholesale Candy Canada

Freshly roasted peanuts, caramel and chocolate flavored nougat, smothered in a generous coating of milk chocolate, is what makes this bar truly wonderful! First introduced in 1920, the Babe Ruth Bar is a delightful taste of an old fashioned candy treat. This American Chocolate Bar was long thought to be named after the famous baseball player Babe Ruth. Not true. The Babe Ruth chocolate bar got it's name from President Grover Cleveland's daughter, Ruth. This is a substantial chocolate bar that satisfies any craving for chocolate.

#6. Butterfinger

Butterfinger American Chocolate Bars Wholesale Candy Canada

What could be better than a Butterfinger Chocolate Bar? This bar is triumphant in it's crispy and crunchy, peanut buttery texture. With it's crunchy peanut butter center it is only heightened by the milk chocolate it's surrounded in. The sweet and slightly salty peanut middle really makes the pure taste of the milk chocolate pop out. It's a perfect play on both textures, and is incredible paired together. The Butterfinger Chocolate Bar came out in 1923 and has been a favorite chocolate bar for many. The love for this bar spans the generations. Young and old all love that crisp bite of a Butterfinger!

#7.Milky Way Bar

Milky Way American Chocolate Bars Wholesale Candy Canada

Milky Way chocolate bars are a classic indulgence. Starting out in 1923, this American Chocolate Bar was originally meant to resemble the taste of malted milk which at the time was a very popular choice of drink. We don't go for the drink anymore, but we'll take this delicious chocolate bar any day! Milky Way is a chocolate covered bar with a caramel and nougat center. The nougat is just right, with it's creamy and airy consistency along with the ribbon of caramel which is generous enough to taste and does not get lost in the nougat or milk chocolate. Milky Way are classic American Chocolate Bars that will keep customers coming back for more!

#8. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups American Chocolate Bars Wholesale Candy Canada

When it comes to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, we love the American version and so will your customers! And one cup just will not do! Most fans could probably eat 10 cups and not tire of their exquisite taste. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are an old fashioned candy treat that came out in 1928. They may be old but they've stuck around for good reason, because they are delicious! A delicious milk chocolate cup that is filled with a creamy and smooth peanut butter. It sounds so simple but the pair of these two flavors are nothing short of magical in your mouth! This dynamic duo sync up beautifully with the faint saltiness of the peanut butter combined with the rich milk chocolate. It makes this snack incredibly enticing. American Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are a must have addition to every single chocolate section!

#9.Whatchamacallit Bar

 Whatchamacallit American Chocolate Bars Wholesale Candy Canada

The Whatchamacallit Bar is so delicious they probably lost their minds trying to name it. Anything this delicious can make you speechless! The Whatchamacallit is a mix of buttery, crunchy sweet and salty. It covers every need and craving of your taste buds! Inside the Whatchamacallit Bar is a peanut flavored crisp along with the chewiest caramel that is covered in milk chocolate. This bar packs a flavorful punch of yumminess with it's multiple flavors and textures. A very satisfying Chocolate Bar that will entice your customers. A unique bar that is sure to peak hungry interest.

#10.Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar 

Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar-Candy Wholesale Canada

If there was one must have American Chocolate Bar, this would be the one! The Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar came out in 1900. Old fashioned but delicious, this bar never goes out of style! Classic and not complicated. Just pure and simple. This bar is referred to as " The Great American Chocolate Bar", probably because of it's simplicity. Hershey's Chocolate is said to be specially tangy. That may be why there are so many big fanatics of this chocolate. This American Chocolate bar is a staple for many chocolate lovers. A great bar to have in your chocolate section!

American Chocolate Bars can be a hard to find item for many of your customers. Make your store their number one stop for their American Chocolate Bars craving! Check out our fresh selection of American Chocolate Bars all available at wholesale prices!

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