Almond Joy Candy Bars - 36 Pack

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Old Fashioned American Chocolate Bars

Almond Joy Candy Bar by Hersheys

Old Fashioned Candy-Since 1946

When you are feeling particularly nutty, the Almond Joy Candy Bar is exactly what to reach for. The cousin chocolate bar to the Mounds Candy Bar, but includes almonds. The Almond Joy Bar consists of sweet and fresh coconut, that is topped with whole crunchy almonds and then covered with rich, mouthwatering milk chocolate. The Almond Joy Candy Bar made its sweet debut in 1946, an old-fashioned candy bar that is still as popular and joyous to eat today! Reach for that Almond Joy Chocolate Bar because "sometimes you feel like a nut".
1.75 oz Candy Bars | 36 Count Box

Made in the USA

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