Theatre Boxes: They Want it Bigger!

Theatre Boxes: They Want it Bigger!

Remember what going to the movies was like? The atmosphere, the scent of freshly popped buttery popcorn, the slushies and massive boxes of candy? Bring the larger theatre boxes of candy to your customer and help them have an excellent indulgence of movies and candy this weekend!

Although some customers may want a few of the different candies in the smaller sized packages, no doubt there are many of us at iWholesale Candy that are looking for BIGGER OPTIONS - and customers are no different. 

Remember this: 2021 may mean tighter budgets – but NOT FOR CANDY! 

The psychology of buying bigger, for many people, is a chance to truly indulge and give yourself a pat on the back for having completed a full week of work or study. Now it's time to reward yourself!

iWholesale Candy has a large selection of Theatre Boxes for sale that you can order online. These candies are not for the weak sweet tooth – they are especially designed for those who want to truly enjoy and feel fulfilled. 

There is a market for these Theatre Boxes of candy, and iWholesale Candy has them for you to choose from.  

Theatre Box Gummies

These adorably and deliciously fruit-flavoured bites are made for those who are a kid at heart – and for the stressed out candy-fan! The sole act of chewing is a stress reliever!


Theatre Box Licorice Treats

Licorice is adored by more customers than you would imagine! They are a special treat for those who aren't necessarily looking for something too sweet, but still want a treat – and they love their licorice! 

Theatre Box Crunchy Snacks

You can't just have one, and the small packs are just too small! These Theatre Box sized crunchy snacks are good enough for sharing since there are lots in a package. iWholesale Candy thinks they're perfect for Movie Night with the family – and these days we're all doing a lot more of that!

Theatre Box Classics

Because you can't get enough of these candies that are so good, there just isn't enough in a small pack! Perfect for sharing, or even for keeping in the car since they can stay fresh for so long! (Plus, they make a long drive more easeful too).

Carry a whole selection of these larger Theatre Box candies and treats and place them together in a section at your store. You will begin to notice your customer is willing to spend that bit extra on their treats before the weekend, before game-time, and especially for movie night to alongside their popcorn and specialty drinks. Because sometimes, they just want it bigger.  

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