2021: Tighter budgets, but not for candy!

2021: Tighter budgets, but not for candy!

This year is well on its way and for many consumers, it will be the year for them to tighten the budget in many ways. Candy, on the other hand, is something they are not willing to budge on – iWholesale Candy explores why.

Navigating the challenges of a Pandemic has proven quite difficult for many retailers, if not all, and it has forced us to "think outside of the box". 

Consumer have become much more savvy when it comes to buying their supplies online – from clothes to groceries. As budgets tighten at home and office, many consumers are foregoing frivolous expenses and turning to feel-good spending. According to research firm Nielsen, 48% of consumers are looking for deals and shopping at stores that offer discounts and coupons. As such, make it easier for your customer to see your in-store specials and carry the latest candy trends as well as their favourites, to keep them coming back. 

What are consumers spending their money on?

Naturally, spending habits have changed. We are focused on making our homes more comfortable, buying new furniture, computers and gadgets to ease work-at-home, and fixing things that needed looking after for years – such as the fence or walkway, however Nielsen also suggests this year we're looking for more shelf-stable products that will bring joy to our lives. 

Enter candy: The one food that can bring satisfaction as a treat. iWholesale Candy can offer this advice to our B2B business clients and to all those who are seeking financial reward from their retail business: Candy satisfies!

Focus on reaching the consumer by pulling at their heart strings, as candy can also be considered a comfort food. Candy can bring comfort, it can relax the mind, even the chewing motion or the many benefits of eating chocolate [READ OUR BLOG HERE] can help your customer have a grand day. 

So whilst the consumer is not able to travel, gather in groupings, host festivities, or openly see their family and friends, they are able to enjoy the small things in life that will satisfy them – among them, candy. 

Suggest to your customer that it is possible to have an in-house candy party by purchasing a variety of textures, flavours, colours, and display them in a fun way, and they will be immediately interested in learning more.

Candy is here to stay, and iWholesale Candy is able to provide our customers with everything they need to order bulk candy online. 

What type of candy do you think would satisfy the most? Ask your customer. Comment below. And contact us for all your online bulk candy supplies. 

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