Best Candies to Melt Away Stress

Best Candies to Melt Away Stress

This time of year can always be stressful. Whether it’s because the Holidays surround so many different tasks and people we need to focus on, or because the New Year brings about mounted stress: The pressure we put on ourselves to accomplish so many new things. At iWholesale Candy, we have some team members who like to have goals set, or “resolutions” and they can sometimes be inspiring, and sometimes be pressure-mounting!

For whatever the reason that is causing our stress and anxiety, there are some candies we are drawn to as stress relievers – and we all have much of their preference in common:

Chocolate as a stress reliever:

Chocolate is not only nutritious, but can be very satisfying to lower stress levels and help us calm down. This is because of the combination of chemical reactions that happen in our brain when eating chocolate: Endorphins, and the release of tryptophan amino acid present in chocolate, linked to the production of serotonin – our “happy feeling” neurotransmitter.

So, aside from all the chemical tech talk, chocolate is just so good and satisfying, and the perfect combination of sweet, tart, sometimes salty, that is used to make the best treats. Whether dark, milk or white chocolate, and whether it’s crunchy, chewy, gooey, or melted in cookies, chocolate is by far one of the best stress suppressants there are.

Chewy candy as stress relievers:

At iWholesale Candy, we bet you can almost taste it now: That sensation that is so satisfying… that chewing sensation! Chewing actually sends signals to our brain that something enjoyable has begun to happen, and will be soon digested. When combined with a sweet taste, chewing can bring about some positive feelings (endorphins) to our brain mechanism and nervous system. So go ahead and order all the chewy candy your customers will enjoy, and suggest it to them as stress relievers (great marketing strategy because it’s true!).

Chewy candies such as Gobstopper Chewy Jawbreakers, Sweetarts Soft & Chewy Ropes, and Hi-Chew Tropical Fruit Chews top our most immediate list of suggested chewy candies.

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Tangy and Sour candy to relieve stress:

This may sound like an unusual suggestion, but it’s true: Sucking on a sour or tangy-tasting candy can be an automatic frame of mind changer. We can go from stress and anxiety to that “WOW!!” feeling within a few seconds – and when it comes to stress, that’s a good thing! Psychiatrists will often suggest things that quickly distract your mind, like listening to music or going outside, and yes, at iWholesale Candy we believe in their suggestion that the power of the tastebuds can be big stress relievers.

Candies such as Sour Big Chewy Nerds, Warheads Sour Chewy Cubes, and the mouth-puckering Haribo Sour Streamers are some of our suggestions.

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The choices you make when you order bulk candy online through iWarehouse Candy, can have a big impact on your sales – but you can also set up the displays to guide your customers to the reasons why they should be buying a particular candy. Whether it’s for enjoyment, as a treat, to have while watching a movie, or in this case, to relieve stress… They will appreciate your guidance! Remember, iWarehouse Candy is here to assist, contact us for guidance and insight, as our team is the most experienced in candy warehouse sales for bulk online orders in Canada.

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