June is National Candy Month - This is how your store can celebrate National Candy Month iwholesalecandy.ca

Celebrate National Candy Month!

Your Candy Store should celebrate!

Calling all candy lovers!

We celebrate candy every day at iwholesalecandy.ca, but did you know that the National Confectioners Association established that June is National Candy Month?

That's right candy lovers, 30 whole days of complete sweetness, celebrating one of the best things in the world, CANDY!! Besides indulging in candy every day, we've got some fun and delicious ideas to help you and your customers celebrate. Don't forget to make sure your candy store has the freshest selection of goodies from everyone's favourite popular candy brands, available at the best wholesale prices in Canada.

Decorate your candy store

June is National Candy Month Celebrate and Decorate your store iWholesaleCandy.ca

Get into the festive spirit of National Candy Month by decorating your store with balloons, bright signs, streamers, or other colourful displays. This will make sure your customers know that this is the time that they should feel free to indulge in some extraordinary candy.

Making this celebration a special event for your store, will pique your customers' hunger candy and intrigue them to take part in the celebration. By incorporating other special events and promotions surrounding this theme for the month, you can accentuate how fun this time is for the candy industry as a whole. 

Make those candy aisles come alive, play some tunes, and get into the sweet groove of National Candy Month!

Exotic Candy 

We all know that candy makes the world go round, so this is the perfect time to showcase some interesting, exotic candy from around the world! Feature these international top sellers to highlight the unique flavours of candy and snacks that will be new to your customers and add some sweetness to National Candy Month! 

Let them try some British Candy:

Cadbury UK Curly Wurly caramel British Chocolate Bar


Introduce your customers to some brilliant British Chocolate from across the pond with the acclaimed Curly Wurly. This fantastic British chocolate bar will banish any and every chocolate craving your customers have. It will chase those blues away, and yes, it may even have the power to mend a broken heart - that's just how delectable the Curly Wurly is! 

Composed of exquisite strands of braided milk chocolate that are filled with the stretchiest and chewiest caramel ever! Beloved by the Brits since the 1970s, this retro British chocolate bar has been in a class of its own, making it worthy of celebration during National Candy Month.

Japanese Candy

There's so many cool DIY candy items that are available from Japan that would be an amazing sweet treat to introduce to your customers during this time. For a particularly amusing adventure, try out the amazing Professor Shin Chan Experimental Candy Powder Drink, which is a kit that will create a unique fruity drink!

Japanese Candy Experiment DIY Kit Professor Shin Cham Experimental Powder Drink Mix Candy

There's no place like home:

But don't forget to give attention to the Canadian Candy that your customers already know and love! We have amazing gummy candy brands here, like Jolly Rancher Misfits, and classic sour candy brands like Sour Poppers Sour Foam.  And who could forget that the Great White North also has some of the best Canadian chocolate bars, like the original Coffee Crisp.

Candy Contests

Invite your customers to participate in some fun candy contests, your store will be buzzing with excitement and fun!

Bubble Gum Blowing Contest:

National Candy Month Promotional Bubble Gum Blowing Contest Idea


Summer is the perfect time of year for chomping down on bubblegum, so this is something you can sink your teeth into!  One of our favourites is the pink stuff that sweet bubble dreams are made of - soft, chewy and flavourful Dubble Bubble gum.

How many pieces can you fit in your mouth? How big can you blow that bubble? The winner of course gets some much-deserved recognition and a summer supply of bubble gum!

What is the Most Sour Candy? 

We recommend a showdown of classics to get all the "sour power" we can for this fun contest! Compare popular sour candy brands like Toxic Waste, Warheads Candy, or famous British sour candy Barnetts Mega Sour Fruits!

Devise your very own sour scale and see who can withstand the sourest candy for the longest. A sour candy contest is a great opportunity for candid pics while you watch them pucker up and squirm!

Sour Candy

How many licks?:

Our favourite is the OG Gobstopper, or up the ante with a Giant Jawbreaker Candy, probably 10 times the size of a Gobstopper! Talk about candytainment, your customers will be nothing short of amused to see who can finish the jawbreaker candy the fastest.

These contests can all foster community, generate great social media content, and best of all fun! 

New Candy

This is your opportunity to feature anything you want to promote-chocolate, candy, gum, and mints-you name it, this is the time to introduce something new to your customers.

Encourage customers to be adventurous and try new products, or at the very least, stock up on their favourites!  Create weekly sales or promotions for an exciting atmosphere for your customers to celebrate with you.

The Sweetest Time of the Year

Okay, okay, for most of us Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but for us candy connoisseurs, National Candy Month is the SWEETEST! Whether you have a candy website or candy store, you can celebrate by advertising all of the amazing candy companies that you have to offer to your customers!

From taste-testing delicious international candy, to candy contests, to decking out your aisles, let us know how you plan for your store to celebrate National Candy Month this June!

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