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Top 40 Iconic Candy Brands We Love: Part 1

Candy Stores Need These Popular Candy Brands!

We all have our favourite candy, be it a Cadbury chocolate bar or a colourful bag of gummy candy, and we bet you'll find your favourite one from one of the most iconic candy brands we love! 

Your store wouldn't be complete without these delicious and famous iconic candy brands that we are counting down for you for National Candy Month.

Haribo Gummies

The Happy World of Haribo Gummies Haribo Candy
The Evolution of the Haribo Gummy Bear History of the very first gummy bear candy


This old-fashioned candy brand was introduced in Germany in the early 1920s by Hans Riegel. In 1922, Mr. Riegel was inspired to create the now-famous Haribo gummies by cute dancing bears he saw perform at markets and festivals. Just like that, Hans founds himself the inventor of the gummy bear, now Haribo Gold Bears, to be exact, and we're "beary" glad he did! (🥳Happy 💯 Birthday Gold Bears!)



Haribo Candy is now a beloved gummy candy brand that has captured the hearts and taste buds of candy connoisseurs worldwide, with their fun fruity flavours and unique shapes and textures! Your customers are sure to fall in love with our vast selection of Haribo Candy that has to offer!

Some of our favourites are Haribo Twin Snakes, Haribo Happy Cherries, Haribo Fizzy Cola, Haribo Smurfs... and many more! You can find everything you can imagine in the "Happy World Of Haribo"!

FUN FACT: What does Haribo mean? The name is an acronym that comes from the first two letters of the name of its creator, and the place it originated: HAns RIegel, in BOnn, Germany!

Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly Candy Company Canada

Some of the best things came out of the 1970s, and Jelly Belly happens to be one of them! This retro candy once had only eight flavours, but jelly bean lovers now rejoice because, with such tremendous and delicious growth, Jelly Belly Canada now has over 50 gourmet flavours to choose from!

In recent years, they have found success with a polarizing jelly bean game known as Bean Boozled, which was inspired by the response to the Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans the Jelly Belly labs created for an exclusive Harry Potter line!

Jelly Belly Bean Boozled challenge Jelly Bean Game Candy

Beware what colour you dare eat; will it be Chocolate Pudding or Canned Dog Food, Rotten Egg or Buttered Popcorn, Juicy Pear or Booger?! Only a truly iconic candy brand like Jelly Belly could be successful in selling terrible-tasting flavours!

After Jelly Belly perfected their exquisite jelly bean flavours, they have now expanded into licorice, candy, and chocolate!  Our favourites to keep customers happy with a belly full and a mouthful of Jelly Belly are the Jelly Belly Tropical Mix, Jelly Belly Sours, Jelly Belly Gourmet Milk Chocolate Truffles, and Jelly Belly Scottie Dog Red Licorice

Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks Retro Candy Canada wholesale

The thrill of this retro candy never gets old! The popping, the fizzing, and the crackling are forever exhilarating!

Pop Rocks candy came to be when food chemist William Mitchell was trying to develop a carbonated drink mix tablet but instead came up with one of the most iconic candies of our time. This happened in 1956, but it wasn't until 20 years later that another chemist stumbled upon Mr. Mitchell's so-called error. After a few minor adjustments, Pop Rocks candy was born in 1975!

Pop Rocks Candy became an instant hit worldwide! This fizzing retro candy is a must-have because not only does it deliver in flavour, but also an unforgettable experience. Our most beloved flavours are Original Cherry, Blue Razz and Bubble Gum. The "Poppin" never stops with Pop Rocks!

Cadbury Chocolate

Cadbury Chocolate Candy wholesale canada

While Cadbury got its start in England in 1824 by John Cadbury himself, eventually it would become part of what is now known as Mondelez International. Now we have our very own Cadbury Factory right here at 277 Gladstone Ave.- perhaps the sweetest spot in Ontario!

Cadbury Canada is an essential chocolate candy brand, known particularly for their Dairy Milk Cadbury Chocolate Bars in original and innovative flavours.  And although we might be biased, we also can't get enough of thes other Canadian faves: Cadbury Crispy Crunch, Cadbury Crunchie, and the ever wonderful Wunderbar.


Cadbury chocolate fact sheet candy wholesale canada


FUN FACT: Our most beloved Cadbury product are the acclaimed Cadbury Mini Eggs which contrarily boast a giant chocolatey taste with a delicate crunchy candy shell! Only available seasonally for Easter in most places, luckily, you can find these gems in Canada year-round!

Tootsie Roll

tootsie roll candy company candy wholesale canada

Another iconic candy is the nostalgic Tootsie Roll, a creation that is somewhere in between a stretchy taffy and a creamy caramel, with a twist of chocolate flavour. Leo Hirschfeld started in a quaint candy shop in Brooklyn NY in 1896 when he was inspired to create a new candy for everyone. After many duds, the very first Tootsie Roll came to be in 1907 once he perfected a new technique to achieve their world-renowned texture.

Although this is the namesake of the brand, Tootsie Roll Industries is home to tons of other popular candy brands you might know and love from your childhood! Some of these retro hits are our must-haves: Razzles, Dots, Dubble Bubble, Nik-L-Nip, and Charms Blow Pops.

FUN FACT: Leo's daughter, Clara, was known more by the nickname, "Tootsie" than her real name, and thus he named his creation the Tootsie Roll candy, which was the first wrapped candy and sold for only one cent! 


 Skittles candy wholesale canada taste the rainbow candy

These button-like candies were first produced by a British candy company in 1974. It wasn't until 1982 that Skittles began its own manufacturing in North America, and now this retro candy is produced by the Wrigley Company.

Skittles only included five original flavours: orange, lemon, lime, strawberry, and grape. But now we can really "Taste the Rainbow," since Skittles candy has exploded into new and exciting deliciousness! Besides the Original Skittles, a staple retro candy for any candy section, you can try Sour Skittles, Berry Skittles, and now even Skittles Gummies for a chewy fruity treat!

FUN FACT: Skittles were named after the sports game popular in the UK and Europe, which is a lawn game that has ties to bowling!

Airheads Candy

Airheads Candy taffy wholesale canada

No offence, but don't be an Airhead - make sure to have this candy in your candy store!

In 1985, Steve Bruner of originally just the "Van Melle" company, created this smooth taffy-like candy. Steve knew the name would be important, so one night he asked his sons what they called their friends when they acted silly. One of them yelled out, "Airheads" and that was all Steve needed to hear! He thought it was memorable and silly, and all these years later, we conclude that he was right on point.

When Airheads first came onto the candy scene, only one nondescript flavour was available: red.  Now there are countless flavours, and the Airheads line even includes Airheads Bites Paradise Blends Candy, Airheads Xtremes Belts Rainbow Berry, and even Airheads Candy Filled Ropes.

As the saying goes, "The World Needs More Airheads," and we couldn't agree more. None of us want to be called an Airhead... but we all want to eat them!

FUN FACT: When testing the product Steve doodled the name and a fun smiley-faced balloon and he's proud to be able to say that it remains the face of Airheads Candy today!

Nerds Candy

Nerds candy new nerds gummy clusters candy wholesale canada

One of the kings of Candyland, the world of candy as we know it would simply not be the same without this epic candy! Nerds Candy has been loved since its genius conception in 1983. This retro candy was first implied in the 1971 film Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, by none other than our most beloved candy icon himself, Willy Wonka! The Ferrara Candy Company currently manufactures Nerds Candy along with many other Wonka-inspired creations.

Although tiny, Nerds Candy is immensely mighty. The original Nerds came in a dual-chambered box consisting of two options: Cherry/Orange, or Strawberry/Grape. They have now introduced the famous Nerds Rope Candy, a tasty and chewy gummy candy rope rolled in different kinds of Nerds!

Some other favourites include the Nerds Big Chewy Candy, Nerds Gummy Clusters, and the Nerds Candy Double Dipped Flavours!

Nerds are more than just nostalgic candy, it offers us all a fun and entertaining experience by either savouring them one at a time or dumping the box into your mouth. However you enjoy them, Nerds Candy remains one of the most popular candy brands of our time!

PEZ Candy and Dispensers

retro pez ad pez candy canada

PEZ Candy is undoubtedly a candy brand essential for your candy store. Now a sweet candy, Pez began as a solid mint meant to be used for smoking cessation. The inventor was an Austrian man named Eduard Haas III, the year was 1927, and his idea was that instead of reaching into your pocket for a cigarette, you could go for a mint! The original name of this candy was "pfefferminz," which is a German word for mint. Eventually, it was abbreviated to be pronounced easily by people worldwide.

The face of PEZ candy changed in 1953 when it was brought to America. They began to advertise using racy photos of pin-up girls in hopes that this would increase their sales. This was not working out so well until they began to market it to a notoriously captive audience: children. The strong minty flavour was dropped and was replaced with sweet and fruity flavours!

Besides a complete flavour change, they decided to offer a fun toy-like dispenser that children would love! As a result, Pez gained much popularity, which really changed in 1963, as it entered into its most lucrative partnership with none other than Walt Disney Studios.

Now Pez is a pop culture sensation, and the Pez Mania mounted in the 1990s when people began selling their iconic collections. ...You never know, someday your PEZ dispenser might be indispensable!

FUN FACT: The first PEZ Candy Dispensers were of Santa Claus, a robot, and a space gun. Now, there have been over 550 unique Pez Dispensers!

Warheads Candy

Warheads candy sour candy wholesale canada Warheads candy sour candy wholesale canada ph scale

Warheads Candy originally came to be in 1975 in Taiwan. These bad boys didn't come to America until the 1990s when the Foreign Candy Company of Hull, Iowa imported them. Finally, they began being manufactured by Impact Confections in 2004. 

When these sour candies arrived, they absolutely exploded and Warheads Candy was the new "it" sweet!  Not for the faint of heart, as their name suggests, they're named after the front of a rocket... which holds the explosives! If you've ever eaten a Warhead Candy, you know the name accurately describes how they feel!

What makes a Warhead possibly one of the sourest candies? Well, it's a closely guarded candy secret, but we do know a little. The outside of the candy is coated in a layer of malic acid, citric acid, and ascorbic acid. When they first hit your tongue, the intense sourness will slowly release for 20-50 seconds until subsiding into a sweet treat! On a pH scale, where battery acid comes in at a 1.0, (very acidic), the sourest candy, the Warheads Super Sour Spray is not far behind at 1.6!

Among our collection, there are the Warheads Jelly Beans, Warheads Super Sour Double Drops, and Warheads Hotheads for a sizzling spicy and sour sensation!

Complete your sour candy section with these explosive gems - pucker up, and enjoy the always exhilarating taste of Warheads Sour Candy!


What's Next?

From the "Happy World Of Haribo," to explosively sour Warheads Candy, unleash those cravings and provide your candy section with these first 10 most popular candy brands.  Stay tuned for next week when we reveal another 10 iconic candy brands and celebrate with us because June is National Candy Month!
Salivate all the way through to Part 2!

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