Wrigley's Big Red Gum 5 Stick Sleeves 40 Pack - 1 Box

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"Kiss a little longer"

Get ready to wow your mouth with the bold cinnamon flavour of Big Red gum. Since 1987, Big Red has been encouraging people everywhere to let the moment linger a little longer with their fresh cinnamon breath. Go ahead, kiss a little longer with Big Red chewing gum.
Give your customers some 'big red' flavour they'll love with the Wrigley's Big Red Stick Gum!
Filled with the very big flavour of cinnamon, Big Red Gum is sweet and spicy at the same time. 
For the ultimate in cinnamon chewing gum pleasure,  there is only one Wrigley's Big Red!
  • Wrigley's Big Red chewing gum has a bold cinnamon flavour that gives long-lasting fresh breath.
  • Every single pack contains easy-to-share, individually wrapped sticks of chewing gum.
  • Enjoy the cinnamon chewing gum with the long-lasting, fiery-hot taste.
  • "Kiss a little longer" with Wrigley's Big Red gum.
  • Package includes 40 packs containing 5 individually wrapped sticks of Wrigley's Big Red gum.

40 Count Pack

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