Waterbridge Samesorts - 15 Pack

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British Candy

Are Jelly Buttons your favourite type of Allsorts? Your dream has finally come true! Now, Waterbridge offers a 200 gram pouch of Jelly Buttons. This Waterbridge Samesorts package provides you with the candy-coated jellies that you crave. Pop them into your mouth straight from the pouch instead of rooting around an Allsorts pouch for these treats! Buy a few packages of Samesorts to have in your office, home and backpack. You never know when you’ll want one to satisfy your taste buds!

200 g Pouches | 15 Count 

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup (wheat), water, corn starch, gelatin, spirulina concentrate, natural flavour, fruit and vegetable concentrates (radish, blackcurrant, carrot, nettle, spinach). Contains wheat.