Waterbridge Jelly Babies - 15 Pack

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British Candy

Satisfy all your cravings for traditional British sweets with Waterbridge Jelly Babies. Jelly Babies are a treat in England among both children and adults who want a little sweet something. Our 200 gram pouch offers six fun, fantastic Jelly Baby flavours: strawberry, lime, lemon, raspberry, orange and blackcurrant. What makes our Jelly Babies stand out? We dust them lightly for an extra burst of flavour. All-natural colourings and flavourings are used in the manufacturing of Waterbridge Jelly Babies.

200 g Pouches | 15 Count 

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup (contains sulphites), water, beef gelatine, cornflour, citric acid, natural colours, flavouring, vegetable concentrates (nettle, spinach).