Twix - 36 Pack

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 A double treat of Twix!

Twice is always nice! Show your customers why with the ultimate Twix Bar!
Delve into the iconic gold package and taste a world of deliciousness! Starting off with two fingers covered in a rich and creamy milk chocolate coating that is filled with a buttery, crunchy biscuit and topped off with a golden ribbon of caramel.
This Canadian Chocolate Bar offers the most satisfying 
and crunchy texture along with the bonus of two pieces!
However, sharing will probably become an afterthought as Twix is so delicious!
Twix is a classic choice and is a must-have
Canadian Candy bar for your store.
Be delighted, twice!
With the famous taste of Twix!
  • Made in Canada

50 g Bars | 36 Count Box

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