Starburst Scented Candle Blueberry 3oz - 8 Pack

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A candle with the scent of Starburst Candy

You might have found your "thrill on blueberry hill", and if you want to find it again you can, with the Starburst Scented Candle Blueberry!
This Starburst Scented Candle will delightfully fill your space with the inviting and sweet scent of fresh blueberries! 
Boost your mood and the scent of your home or office with this terrific blueberry aroma!
Get that thrill again with the Starburst Scented Candle Blueberry!
3oz Candle | 8 Count Box

Please note that this item is extremely fragile, therefore it will only be shipped if order is large enough to be palletized. Should this item be part of an order that is not large enough to be palletized, it may unfortunately be refunded. Purchase at own risk as is not liable for any damages during transit process. Thank you!