Reese's Big Cup Stuffed w/Potato Chips 1.3oz - 16 Pack

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New Reese's Chocolate Bar!

Where do I begin? This is a love story. One of triumph and deep satisfaction, the sweet stuff you dream about. The stuff you just can't get enough of, this American Candy Bar is nothing short of a masterpiece!
Live the dream friend, and let your customers live it too with the Reese's Big Cup Stuffed With Potato Chips! 
That's right, finally, these two got together for what is an epic tasting treat. You might think they sound like star-crossed lovers, but oh no these two were fated right from the start.
Each Big Cup is filled with the famed Reese's Peanut Butter and stuffed full of salted, crispy potato chips. The satisfaction of that crunch, that peanut butter, that chocolate that holds it all together, the sweet and salty combination is a miraculous taste!
For a taste of this match made in heaven, nothing will do but the Reese's Big Cup Stuffed With Potato Chips!
1.3oz. Pack | 16 Count Box