Millions Bubblegum Tubes UK - 12 Pack

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The Tiny Tasty Chewy Sweets

Give them a "million" reasons to sweetly indulge with this fun and fabulous British Candy! Millions Bubblegum Tubes are filled to the max with sweet bubblegum flavour! "Tiny, Tasty and chewy", the Millions Candy are small and crunchy morsels of bubblegum bliss with a chewy and toothsome middle! So very small, but packed with such BIG bubblegum taste! Eat them one by one, by the handful, or get a little creative and mix and match a few different flavours of the Millions Tubes Candy!

Make your customers mouths water, and tingle their tastebuds with the sweet deliciousness of Millions Bubblegum Tubes!

65 g Tubes | 12 Count Box

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