M&M's Peanut White Chocolate - 24 Pack

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M & M's Candy with White Chocolate

"It melts in your mouth and not in your hand."

White chocolate lovers must oftentimes feel overlooked, but not with these M&M's Candies! Give your white chocolate candy lovers something to really get excited about with the M & M's Peanut White Chocolate Candies! These white chocolate candies have the most perfect crunch of a roasted peanut, surrounded by a layer of delicious white chocolate and a colourful candy-coated shell! 
M & M's Candy is an old-fashioned candy that has been loved since 1941, and remains a favourite candy to this day! Fill your candy aisles with this delectable classic candy.
Let them experience the phenomenal taste of M&M's Peanut White Chocolate Candies!
1.36 Oz | 24 Count Box

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