M&M's Milk Chocolate Candies 62 oz - 1 Tub

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M&M's Candies in a Pantry Size Jar

"It melts in your mouth and not in your hand."

With the perfect light crunch of chocolatey sweetness, M&M's Candies are brilliantly coloured and always a delectable chocolate treat! M&M's  Chocolate Candies are an old fashioned candy, loved all over the world since 1941! The M&M's Chocolate Candies Jar is a pantry size amount. That means there's plenty to go around! These chocolate candies would make a great gift for a real lover of M&M's Candies! Also, an ideal choice of a bulk candy to use at your next candy buffet or candy bar! 

Be the talk of the town, stock your candy aisles with the one and only M'M's Chocolate Candies!

      62 oz. Jar

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