Kinder Surprise - 24 Pack

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Kinder Chocolate Surprise Eggs Since 1974

Have the sweetest candy section in town with the Kinder Chocolate Surprise Egg! A delectable milk chocolate egg on the outside with a smooth and creamy, milky white chocolate lining inside, but that's not all! If that isn't a treat enough there's more! Inside these creamy, delicious Chocolate Eggs awaits an amusing and fun surprise toy! What will you get next for your surprise? 

The Kinder Surprise Eggs are "A Treat For The Imagination" and a pure indulgence for your tastebuds!

Ingredients: Milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, skim milk powder, cocoa mass, soy and/or sunflower lecithin vanillin), skim milk powder, sugar, modified (vegetable, palm) fats, anhydrous milk fat, soy and/or sunflower lecithin, vanillin.
32% milk ingredients.
Contains milk, soy.

20 g Surprise Egg | 24 COUNT BOX

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