KaDunks Sour Gummy Candy Dip 56g - 16 Pack

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KaDunking Into Tangy Candy Heaven!

Chewy Gummies with Sour Goo Dip!

A one-of-a-kind innovative candy that has caught sour candy lovers by a sweet storm with a unique way to enjoy candy! 

Get a load of 3 awesome mouth-puckering flavours in each full pack of 
KaDunks Sour Gummy Candy Dip!

Apple Ka-Pow! • Tropical Ka-Punch! • Berry Ka-Blast!

Dip your fruit-flavoured gummy candies into the "Sour Goo" for a sweet & sour candy experience every time!

Each box comes with an assortment of flavours. Entertain those tastebuds when you try the incredible KaDunks candy!

56g | 16 Count Box

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