Jelly Belly Tropical Mix 100g - 12 Pack

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A taste of the tropics from Jelly Belly

Offer your customers a warm and sunny taste of the
tropics with the Jelly Belly Tropical Mix!
These sensational-tasting jelly beans will
make you feel like you're reclining poolside.
Soak up some sunshine as you experience the
Jelly Belly flavours of Berry Blue, Cantaloupe, Crushed Pineapple,
Green Apple, Island Punch, Sunkist Tangerine,
Strawberry Daquiri, Sunkist Pink Grapefruit, and Top Banana.
An exquisite-tasting mix from Jelly Belly that is a must-have
in every candy section offering your customers some gourmet flavours.
Be indulged with the superb taste of the Jelly Belly Tropical Mix!
100g Bags | 12 Count Box