Haribo Waldgeister Candy 200g - 15 Pack

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Spooky Haribo Candy

Most ghosts and goblins might scare you but the Haribo Waldgeister gummy candy just wants to feed you! So go on and give your customers some sweet "heebie-jeebies" with this delicious Haribo candy!
The Haribo Waldgeister Candy is German for Forest Ghosts. Imported from Germany this old-fashioned candy is sure to have you shaking in your boots! Just kidding, these cute ghost-shaped gummy candies that are filled with the fruity taste of Raspberry and Woodruff (a sweet hay-like earthy taste)
Make them quake in their boots, with the mouthwatering taste of Haribo Waldgeister!
200g Bags | 15 Count Box