Haribo Bunte Schnecken Gummy Candy 160g - 15 Pack

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Gummy Candy from Haribo

Introduce your candy craving customers to this very fun and delicious Gummy Candy from Haribo!

The Haribo Bunte Schnecken Candy when translated from German means Colourful Snails!
This very colourful gummy candy comes in absolutely mouthwatering rolls of fantastic, fruity flavours like Apple, Strawberry, Cola, Peach-Passionfruit and Lemon. Each roll has a sherbet filling inside for an added bite of sweet lusciousness!
Coming from Germany, Haribo Candy has been loved since the 1920s! Find out why it's famously delicious with Haribo Bunte Schnecken Gummy Candy!
160g Bags | 15 Count Box

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