Haribo Barchen Parchen Candy 175g - 15 Pack

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You'll love this Haribo Candy!

Prove to your customers that you really can have it all with this Gummy Candy! The Haribo Barchen Patchen are both sweet and sour gummy bears! 
Barchen Patchen translates to Bear Couple, and sweet and sour really is the perfect match!
Every bear is filled with intense and juicy, fruity flavours like Sour Lemon and Sweet Cherry, Sour Orange and Sweet Apple, and Sour Blackcurrant with Sweet Blueberry!
This Haribo Candy comes all the way from Germany. Haribo is an old-fashioned candy that provides a mouthwatering and delicious bite every time!
Always be sweet and a little sour with the Haribo Barchen Patchen!
175g Bags | 12 Count Box

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