Fruity's Jelly Ice Bar Straws - Case of 24

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From the Makers of the Treat that Became TikTok Famous!

     A delicious and refreshing fruity treat like no other, Fruity's Jelly Ice Bars are overflowing with juicy goodness that's hard to resist! Slurp the jelly as is or freeze them for a yummy squishy ice pop, however you chose to enjoy them, the explosion of various fruit flavours is bound to get you hooked!

     You'll come to understand how these jelly snacks got so popular on TikTok after experiencing the burst of tasty flavour, and they're even better when served chilled or frozen!

     These are the perfect treats for loot bags, birthday parties, or any sort of family celebration. Don't let the bright colours deceive you, Fruity's Jelly Ice Bars are fun for adults and kids alike!


360g - Case of 24