Dubble Bubble Sour Bubble Gum 80ct - 1 bag

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Lovin' Dubble Bubble Since 1928!

It's "dubble" or nothing with the Dubble Bubble Sour Bubble Gum! Offer your customers a cure for what sour craving ails them with this old-fashioned bubble gum!
Famous since 1928, Dubble Bubble Sour Bubble Gum comes in a fun and tangy assortment of sour fruity flavours like Green Apple, Lemon, Strawberry and Blue Raspberry. Comes individually wrapped, so it's easy to share and have bubble-blowing contests with your besties, not to stick under your desk!!!
You should never really "bite off more than you can chew, but we say go ahead and chew it all with the powerful, soulful taste of Dubble Bubble Sour Bubble Gum!
80 Count Bag