Dubble Bubble Gum Original 380 Pieces - 1 Tub

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Dubble Bubble is the World's First Bubble Gum

Fresh and delicious! This Retro Bubblegum comes in a tub of 340 pieces. This world-famous Dubble Bubble Gum is just waiting to be blown into the biggest bubbles! An aromatic Bubble Gum is a taste of nostalgia because some days you just want to be a kid again. A must have bubblegum to add to your candy section.
Kosher Certified
Made in Canada

380-Piece Tub

 Fresh Dubble Bubble Gum Shipped Fast!

Ingredients: dextrose, corn syrup (glucose), gum base, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, corn starch, artificial flavors and colors (including FD&C red 40 lake, red 3) BHT (to maintain freshness).