Combos Garlic Parmesan Cracker 6.3oz - 12 Pack

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Fresh and Crispy Combos Snacks

These Combos are for the very hungriest of customers! The Combos Garlic Parmesan Cracker Snacks are savoury American snacks. One bite and we know you'll be hooked.

An oven-baked crispy delight on the outer layer with a mouthwatering filling of garlic and parmesan cheese. Imagine the ultimate tasting garlic bread all in one crunchy cracker, this is it!
A must-have tasty addition to your snack food section. These Combo Snacks are always fresh, crispy and sensationally satisfying!
Happily crunch away with the incredible taste of the Combos Garlic Parmesan Cracker Snacks!

Fresh Combos Shipped Fast at Wholesale Prices!