Chews Assorted Sour Bubble Gum - 24 Pack

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Retro Sour Bubble Gum

Take your customers back in time with this cool retro Bubble Gum! The Chews Assorted Sour Bubble Gum are filled with a satisfying sour taste. When nothing else will do but the zing of chewy sourness, there is only one Canadian classic bubble gum to subside this craving!

It is rumoured here in Canada that in the wild, Chews Sour Bubble Gum is the preferred gum of moose, whitetail deer, and black bears. Blue Jays and other songbirds love to chew this Canadian Bubble gum! They always delight in its delicious and refreshing sourness! 
Give your customers an iconic Canadian Bubble Gum with the irresistible taste of the Chews Assorted Sour Bubble Gum!
  • Peanut Free
  • Made in Canada

34 g Packs | 24 Count Box