Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolatey Indulgence Bars 95g - 12 Pack

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Made with the finest Cadbury Chocolate!

Calling all chocolate lovers!
These Canadian chocolate bars are truly an indulgent
chocolate experience that your customers will fall in love with!
The Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolatey Indulgence Bar is
made with the very finest Cadbury milk chocolate
complete with the addition of dairy milk for that extra smooth texture.
Filled with a luscious-tasting chocolate creme.
One bite will never do, and before you know it, this bar will disappear!
It's the creamiest, silkiest Canadian chocolate bar you'll ever taste!
Savour the superb smoothness with the
Cadbury dairy Milk Chocolatey Indulgence bars!

95g Chocolate Bars | 12 Count

**Please note that these items are loose and do not come in their own box.**