Bonomo Turkish Taffy Strawberry 1.5oz - 24 Pack

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Old Fashioned Candy

Smack it! Crack it! Eat it!

A Truly Loved Turkish Taffy

First hold a strawberry Bonomo Turkish Taffy bar in the palm of your hand. Then strike it against a flat surface to break into bite-size pieces. Finally, let the candy melt in your mouth (If the candy is soft, you can always harden in your refrigerator for one minute before cracking).

Get your own Bonomo Turkish Taffy to learn what the craze is about! This original taffy is fun to eat, as well as mouthwatering! A true indulgence of a treat. 
  • BULK PACK: includes 24 pcs
1.5 oz Bar x 24CT
36oz total box weight
Ingredients: Corn Syrup, sugar, mono and di-glycerides, egg albumen, FD&C red 3, blue 1, artificial and natural flavors, soy lecithin, contains egg and soy. Manufactured in a facility that also processes milk.