Big Hunk Chocolate Covered Candy Bar - 1.5oz

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Retro American Candy Bars

Big Hunk Candy Bars made by Annabelle Candy Company

An American Hunk that you'll love to indulge in! Inside the Big Hunk Candy Bar, you'll discover divine tasting honey infused nougat along with delicious and crunchy bits of roasted peanuts. If you're a fan of nougat, the Big Hunk Candy Bar is ultra chewy, thick and so satisfying, its a must try American Candy Bar!  Coming out in the early 1950s, this Big Hunk isn't going anywhere! Give your customers a glimpse of this Big Hunk, a retro candy they'll love to taste again!
  • Kosher Certified Parve
  • Gluten Free
  • Made in the USA
 1.5 oz Candy Bars | 24 Count Box

Fresh Candy Bars Shipped Fast at Wholesale Prices!


Corn syrup, sugar, peanuts, honey, dried egg whites, coconut oil, salt, artificial flavour, soy lecithin.

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