Allan Candy Hot Lips Cinnamon 2.5 kg - 1 Bag

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Hot Lips Candy

Allan Candy has been a Canadian candy tradition since 1931

Sweep your customers off their candy-loving feet with the classic taste of Allan Hot Lips Cinnamon Candy.

This famous Canadian candy is a red and pouty-looking set of lips that just begs to be eaten. Filled with a hot sizzle of spicy cinnamon and a luscious, chewy texture. These lips are fiercely delicious!
Allan Candy has been a classic choice since 1931 and continuously feeds us Canadians immensely delicious candy. It's a quintessential brand for your candy section.
Pucker up for perhaps the hottest kiss you've ever tasted with Allan Hot Lips Cinnamon Candy!
Never been kissed? These sweet and pouty red lips will do just the trick. You'll delight in their sweet and spicy cinnamon flavour. Allan Hot Lips Candy will simply sweep you off your candy-loving feet! 
2.5 kg - 1 bag

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