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Add Excitement to your Candy Section!
Add Excitement to your Candy Section!

Novelty Candy

Play with your Novelty Candy and eat it too!

   Novelty Candy at wholesale prices!  Stock your candy section with all the best novelty candy around. Not only a candy but a fun and playful sweet treat all in one! This Candy is always an amusing time. Not only will you enjoy its many delicious flavours, but you'll also feel like a kid! 
  From sweet to sour, waxy and unusual, Novelty Candy can also make a funny gag gift. Great to include at any party, this candy will bring out the child in all of us,no matter how old we are! Loot bags with the addition of a novelty candy will make any party all the more entertaining. Imagine a tray filled with some waxy lips and mustaches, they always make for some great photo opportunities. 
   If you like to play with your food (or Candy) and would like to encourage others to lighten up, this Novelty Candy collection is just for you!

Fresh Novelty Candy Shipped Fast at Wholesale Prices!