Why Your Customers Need Chocolate This Winter

Why Your Customers Need Chocolate This Winter

Let’s face it: It has been a challenging year, and we’re all looking for that special something to make us feel content and nurtured. Maybe not everyone is specifically or actively looking for chocolate, but we need something to make us smile and feel happy.

We know chocolate is sweet, satisfying and delicious, however, it’s much more than that. Not just in flavour, but what they’re filled with and even how they’re packaged can be a game-changer. Chocolate is like your customer: No two bars, bits, or bites are the same. Chocolate is nostalgic, memorable, satisfying. It makes us feel comforted, makes us think of the holidays, of having a cup of cocoa after a walk outside, or after skiing. Chocolate is Christmas, is a birthday cake, is a bite of happiness!

Some of your customers may find they need the ‘reward’ after a long day of working, and they will fit into that 28% of Canadians who consume it daily. Others, need just that bite after lunch or dinner, signifying the end of a meal – something that reminds them of their childhood years when Mom used to give them dessert after Sunday night supper. There are many reasons why they subconsciously think they need chocolate, and these reasons are valid!

There’s a whole psychology behind eating chocolate, and it has long been the focus of many studies. For example, the study published by the Archives of Internal Medicine shows that it’s possible to eat chocolate and weigh less if you consume small amounts of it at least five times per week. For older customers, it may be the studies that indicated consuming chocolate could help lower the risk of developing heart disease by one-third. Yes, chocolate has been studied and found guilty of rewarding us with feelings of happiness and satisfaction.


Why is it needed during the winter months though?

Our bodies don’t produce Vitamin D on their own. Vitamin D plays a big role in growth and development, as well as mood balance, and during winter months when we’re more likely to spend most of our time indoors, a deficiency in Vitamin D can cause the well-studied ‘SAD’ deficiency (Seasonal Affective Disorder). SAD, or ‘Winter Blues’ can be remedied by spending 10 minutes directly under the powerful sunshine rays – but how many of us have enough skin exposed to the sunshine during winter months?

Enter chocolate, with its significant amounts of Vitamin D2 – especially dark chocolate, followed by milk chocolate, according to scientists at Martin Luther University. Although it may be a long time before your doctor actually prescribes a serving of dark chocolate M&M’s (wouldn't that be nice?) this is a powerful selling factor for your store and a way of reaching customers to give them what their bodies are naturally asking for during winter months. And what better for a retail store than to be able to order it online at wholesale prices?

According to Statista, consumption of chocolate is on the rise globally, and Canada is no exception, with some of the biggest players including Hershey Company, Nestlé Group, and Lindt & Sprüngli. As we approach the busiest chocolate-sale seasons and holidays – including Christmas and New Year, as well as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day in early spring, it’s wise to take a look at your store’s chocolate display and redesign to satisfy this boost in sales. Perhaps set the ice cream and candy aside, and bring on the chocolate displays, such as it’s done in supermarkets.

This fast-approaching Holiday season will be different than others, for many reasons. Many people will not be travelling to see families, having work parties or hosting get-togethers, so we need to be mindful of ways to continue to keep their adjusting needs satisfied. Stock up on the most beloved traditional chocolates, and also include others which they may not have heard of before, like the New Arrivals of Goetze’s sweet chocolatey Cow Tales Chocolate Brownie Candy, Reese’s Take 5 with its blend of crunchy peanuts, creamy and luscious caramel and crunchy pretzels, or the new M&M’s Fudge Brownie Chocolate Candies with their chewy brownie centre.

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“Can my store make a difference?” 

At iWarehouseCandy.ca we believe one store, every store, can make a difference. Humans are creatures of habit, and they have become accustomed to visiting your store and knowing where all items are displayed. They are loyal to you and will continue to come back, as long as you’re providing them with what they need and not sending them elsewhere to find it.

As your customer looks for ways to prevent winter blues and satisfy the nostalgic traditions of the season, don’t forget the big role chocolate plays. At iWarehouseCandy.ca we’re here to assist you in making sure your store is up to date with the latest stock. Call our team of experts today and order online in bulk, at wholesale pricing, with the best selection.

What do you think? Have you ever felt 'cheered up' by having a chocolate treat given to you? Share in the comments below.

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