So many Easter eggs to choose from!

So many Easter eggs to choose from!

Easter will be here before you know it, and if you haven't stocked up your store for Easter sales, now's the time to do it!

It's never too soon to start an Easter Candy display. It gets people in the mood for spring-season, plus it plants the seed in your customer's mind that YOUR STORE is the one to go to when they're ready!

Easter is a time for celebration for many people, and for many reasons; it's a significant time of year to sell candy at your store, and one of the busiest times at iWholesale Candy online candy sales! It signifies a religious time, it also tells your customer spring is here and with it, the beginning of warmer climate, gardening, and spending more time outdoors.

They get the colour scheme

Customers gravitate toward colours for many reasons: At Christmas-time it's red and green, Valentine's Day it's red (and chocolate!) while at Easter it's the sweet variety of pastels. Those baby blues and yellows, the loving pink colour, even white and light green. It's a happy time and a great time for your customer to fill up on candy!

Good memories with Easter candy

Chances are, your customer has celebrated Easter as a child – whatever their beliefs are. At iWholesale Candy, we offer a great amount of candy online sales before Easter, because our customers see a large increase of sales during this time: The customer is happy; the customer wants to celebrate; they want to pass on the good memories they experienced as a child, on to their kids too. 

Easter favourites: The chocolate egg!

Some of the classics at Easter time never get 'old', like chocolate eggs and especially those with a toy surprise inside like the classic Kinder Surprise. They have now also been modernized, catering to the now-youngster who loves their Barbie, Paw Patrol, and even to NHL Hockey fans! Take a look at these newbie candies you must carry in your store and immediately order from iWholesale Candy!

iWholesale Candy also provides the BEST and most innovative new Easter candy for sale for your store, including the Unicorn Surprise Eggs, Marvel Spiderman Surprise Eggs, Disney 'Frozen' Eggs, and of course Hot Wheels Eggs, Shimmer and Shine Eggs, and [LOTS MORE]

Variety is the key to success (and return customers)

The key to selling many eggs at your store this Easter is to offer a large variety of them – this way you can tug at your customer's heart strings and entice them to not just buy one per child, or family member, but many. There are such a large variety at iWholesale Candy that you can buy in bulk online within Canada, it'll keep your customer visiting and buying at your store on a regular basis – because you will show them you are IN when it comes to the best treats and sweets.

Which kind of bulk candy are you going to have at your store this Easter, that you haven't had yet? Please comment below:

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