Top Ten Products From Sweets & Snacks Expo 2023

Top Ten Products From Sweets & Snacks Expo 2023

Once a year the candy industry gathers for the Sweets And Snacks Expo. This takes place in Chicago and features the biggest candy brands in the industry.

Showcasing endless new candy innovations, some of the classics along with industry connections.

Every year we make this trip so that we can offer you, and your customers the most popular candies for your store.

Here are our top ten products from this year's Sweets And Snacks Expo...

#1. Bit-O-Honey


This old-fashioned candy is about to be reintroduced with all-new packaging. Making its grand entrance yet again, the Bit-O-Honey is a classic.

Introduced in 1924 this chewy candy is made with the goodness of real honey and bits of roasted almonds.

Its subtly sweet taste and light texture make it an ideal choice for a quick pick-me-up snack. Especially for those looking for a candy made with natural ingredients.

The Bit-O-Honey might be known as an old-school candy, but it's sure to create quite a buzz in your candy store!

#2. Sweetarts Big Rope

             Sweetarts Ropes

Your customers will love to go BIG with the Sweetarts Big Rope. This once-Wonka candy is now manufactured by the Ferrara Candy Co. 

New this year, every Sweetarts Candy aficionado will love to sink their teeth into this brand-new and exciting candy.

It's made with those fruity and tangy flavours, it's awesomely chewy and when we say big, we mean big!

 Reminiscent of Nerds Ropes but bigger and with more of a tangy and tart taste.

It's a must-have classic candy that your customers will rave about!

#3. Sprite Tic Tac

        Sprite Tic Tac, Tic Tac

The quintessential impulse buy, the famous Tic Tac candy is always a welcome addition to any store.

The miniature-sized Tic Tacs were introduced to the world of candy in 1969. It's famous for its small size, the convenient little dispenser and incredibly bold flavours.

Freshen up or taste a world of flavour all in one tiny candy! The Sprite Tic Tac Candy is a brilliant shade of yellow and will be available in four different sizes.

Offering the cool and fresh taste of Sprite your customers won't want to miss this!

#4. Pocky Sticks New Flavour Line Ups

                              Strawberry Pocky, Pocky Strawberry, Crunchy Strawberry Pocky

The snack we love to share! The Pocky Sticks are a long and slender biscuit that is half dipped in various flavours.

Hailing from Japan in 1966, the Pocky Sticks are now internationally loved and enjoyed!

Available in some new and mouthwatering flavours. Pocky Sticks are a snack that your store needs to have in stock!

#5. Charleston Chews S'Mores 

                    Charleston Chew, Charleston Chew S'mores

Want a S'more but indoors? The Charleston Chew S'mores is the ideal choice.

Your customers are probably already familiar with this classic deliciousness!

Born in the 1920's this taffy candy has a delightful chewy texture that is second to none. Coming coated with a layer of chocolate, this further enhances the juicy taste of the taffy.

The new S'mores flavour will surely capture your customer's eyes and tastebuds! These are coming in strong and will be a hit for Summer 2023!

#6. Vidal Line Of Gummies

                    Vidal Gummies

Any gummy candy lover already knows the exceptional taste of Vidal Gummies. These are top-selling gummy candies available in various colours, flavours, and shapes.

Known for its bulk candy size Vidal will now offer new and innovative flavours along with peg bag sizes that your customers will simply love!

These are an exciting new lineup of incredible gummies that are forecasted to become big sellers!

#7. Efrutti Peg Bags Vegan

               eFrutti Gummies, eFrutti

It's a whole new and exciting efrutti world! This gummy candy has been in the spotlight for some time now.

New for this year is an enticing lineup of Vegan peg bags that your customers will love to try.

Coming in interesting and detailed shapes these new flavours are more than delicious. Suitable for a vegan diet which makes them available to more of your customers!

#8. Easies Marshmallows 

            Easies Marshmallow, Easies Marshmallows

Believe it or not, Easies Marshmallows takes the average marshmallow to a whole new level!! 

Each Easies Marshmallow is coated in a crispy fruit-flavoured shell and filled with a remarkably fluffy & sweet marshmallow centre. 

Flavours of the Easies Marshmallow come in the original fruit punch and S'mores that tastes like chocolate, graham crackers, and of course, marshmallows! 

#9. Sour Punch Pickle Roulette

         Sour Punch Pickles

This is more than a cool sour candy, this Sour Punch Pickle Roulette is sort of like a game too!

Every green-coloured candy is made of different flavours but each looks exactly alike. It's a game of chance! 

The new flavours include green Apple, Lemon Lime, Watermelon and Pickle!

Sour Punch candy is already a classic choice for your sour candy-loving customers. This new candy offers a fun twist!

Sour, tangy and amazingly delicious. This candy deserves a place in your sour candy section!

#10. Chupa Chup Melody Pops

      Chupa Chup Melody Pops

A classic lollipop that your customers will be delighted to try! 

The Chupa Chups Melody Pops are not only a delicious and full-flavoured lollipop but they make music too! 

Just blow in the end of the Chupa Chups lollipop and listen for the whistle! 

Your customers will be fascinated with this fun treat!

Now available in new fruity flavours like Strawberry, Watermelon and Blue Raspberry!

Chupa Chups is a famous lollipop that is loved worldwide. Available in a multitude of intense flavours. These are a must-have candy for any candy store around!

Making their sweet debut in 1958, these Chupa Chups Melody Pops are going to be a hit in your candy store!


Treat your customers to this new and innovative candy! Your store will become a sweet destination for every candy lover around!

Which candy are you most interested in?

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