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Top 15 Best Selling Candy Bars

Your customers are craving these candy bars!

Candy Bars come and go but there are some that remain our ultimate favourites! There are some with nuts, others that boast caramel, and some even include wafers, the choices seem endless! But with so many to choose from how do you know if your store has what the masses are craving? 

That's where we come in, we want to make sure your candy section is filled with the top-selling Candy Bars. Get ready, this list will make your mouth water and you may even possibly find yourself drooling!
Here are our 15 Top Best Selling Candy Bars...

#1. Snickers Candy Bars

Snickers Bar-Top 15 Best Selling Candy Bars

What other Candy Bar could be so delicious and so very satisfying but a Snickers Bar! This old fashioned Candy Bar dates back to 1930! The Snickers Candy Bar is filled with thick, fluffy nougat, perfectly roasted peanuts and creamy caramel, and of course, are all beautifully covered in a generous helping of Milk Chocolate. Each ingredient is evenly dispersed throughout the bar so you get a taste of it all in one magical bite, and can feel the texture of everything that makes this bar so utterly fantastic! 
The Snickers Candy Bar may be an old fashioned treat, but Snickers pulls in $2 Billion annually in sales! It's a classic candy bar that's most definitely here to stay! It's the top-selling candy bar around the world! 
Over the years there have been over 30 variations of the bar but of course, the original is quintessential for every chocolate section! Fun fact: The Snickers Candy Bar is named after a racehorse that Frank Mars and his family-owned.

#2. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups-Top 15 Best Selling Candy Bars

Technically not in the shape of a bar, but none the less, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are a top-selling confection! With the most perfect bite of chocolate and peanut butter, there is just the right amount of mild saltiness and sweetness to truly enhance this peanut butter- chocolate, match made in candy heaven!  
This very delectable duo was introduced to us in 1928 H.B Reese, who by the way was an employee of Milton S. Hershey (yes, that guy) at the time.No drama though, as H.B Reese only used Hershey's Chocolate for his delicious candy creations. Upon his sweet candy design, he had no idea that he had created one of the sweetest masterpieces ever to grace a store shelf! Reese's Peanut Butter Cups come in many variations, like dark chocolate, white chocolate and the original milk chocolate. There are plenty to choose from, candy bars and the loved stuffed cups! Check out our Reese's collection for the whole fantastic array and give your customers the classic taste of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!

#3. Butterfinger Candy Bars

Butterfinger Bars-Top 15 Best Selling Candy Bars

Nothing is quite as satisfyingly delicious as the combination of peanuts and chocolate! These two ingredients are food "soul mates" and are always a sweet success in any candy! The Butterfinger Candy Bar is no exception, filled with a distinctive and crispy peanut butter center that is deliciously coated with creamy and rich milk chocolate. The crisp and delightful Butter Finger is an old fashioned candy bar, this sweet darling of a candy bar arrived in 1923! 
Butterfinger even had it's sweet Hollywood moment when it was promoted in a film that starred, Shirley Temple. The 1934 movie was called " Take a Bow". But if you're too young to remember that', you might know that it's Bart Simpson's most favourite!
Sweetly satisfy your customers with the peanut butter crunch of the Butterfinger Candy Bar!

#4. Twix Candy Bars

Twix Cookie Bars-Top 15 Best Selling Candy Bars

This twin candy bar is perfect for sharing! Two fingers of crunchy and buttery tasting biscuit are combined with creamy, golden caramel and surrounded by rich milk chocolate! The Twix Candy bar is a well-loved candy bar all over the world! Twix first got its sweet start in the United Kindom in 1967 and then made it's way to North America in 1979. The name was changed to Twix upon its arrival to North America, in it's beginning, it was known as the Raider Bar. The fun thing about a Twix Candy Bar is you can eat one half now and save the other for later while still getting your chocolate fix! Give your customers their delicious fix, with Twix!

#5.Baby Ruth Candy Bars

Baby Ruth Candy Bars-Top 15 Best Selling Candy Bars

This Candy Bar is a mix of fresh peanuts, smooth caramel and delicious chocolate flavoured nougat that is all bundled up in rich milk chocolate. The Baby Ruth Candy Bar is a substantial candy bar, every bite is packed with tasty texture! Baby Ruth was introduced to a bunch of hungry, sharply dressed flappers in 1921. It proved to be a huge success as soon as it hit the shelves! Many people have speculated that this American Candy Bar was named after Babe Ruth the baseball player but the company claimed that the name Baby Ruth was meant for President Grover Cleveland's daughter, Ruth Cleveland. Whatever the reason behind this delectable candy bar's name it has certainly stood the test of time! It may be an old fashioned candy bar but has millions of satisfied fans almost 100 years later!
Give your customers a sweet taste of the roaring '20s, with the Baby Ruth Candy Bar!

#6. Kit Kat Bars

Kit Kat Bars-Top 15 Best Selling Candy Bars

"Have a break, have a Kit Kat" , well at least give your customers a break! The Kit Kat Candy Bar has been around since 1935, it's four crispy wafer-like cookie middle is covered in milk chocolate. This could sound boring to some, but there's something so delicious about this candy bar. Perhaps it is the way those light wafers crunch against your teeth, and the way that rich and creamy, milk chocolate just effortlessly melts on your tongue. The Kit Kat Candy Bar is a stand by bar, much like an old friend that'll never let you down! It's just enough for an afternoon pick me up and it's not overly sweet.
 In recent years the Kit kat Candy Bar has gained fans all over the world especially in Japan by adding some very unique and interesting flavours, like green tea, soy sauce, wasabi and sake flavours. If that's just not your thing you can always enjoy the original!
For that famous crisp wafer and chocolate combination they'll love, the Kit Kat Candy Bar is always a winning choice!

#7. PayDay Candy Bars

Payday Candy Bars-Top 15 Best Selling Candy Bars

A magical thing happens when you add saltiness and sweetness together! The PayDay Candy Bar is a bar that has absolutely no chocolate involved, but don't let that stop you from trying this delicious Candy Bar gem! Inside this bar is a firm, yet chewy, golden caramel center that is generously coated with roasted and salted peanuts. Every bite is more than satisfying with it's sweet and salty combination, as each greatly enhances the other. This American Candy bar is a classic, coming out in 1932 it was a success right from the start!
Get your customers taste buds in a real tizzy, with the old fashion goodness of Payday Candy Bar!

#8. Oh Henry Bars

Hershey's Oh Henry! Bars-Top 15 Best Selling Candy Bars

Give those hungry customers a mouthwatering experience with the delicious candy bar, Oh Henry! This bar is filled with a "big hunk of fudge" in the middle, golden, luscious caramel, full-size crunchy peanuts, covered in a rich coating of milk chocolate. What a satisfying combination! The Oh Henry Candy Bar was introduced to us in 1920, and at that time was called the Tom Henry Bar, until it was changed to what we know today as simply, the Oh Henry. It is rumoured that this candy bar got its name at George Williamson's candy factory. Where a young boy named Henry loved to frequent daily. The group of girls who worked at the factory took a liking to Henry and were forever calling his name out to do errands for them. They say that all across the very large factory is all you could hear were the girls yelling "Oh Henry". Thus, the name seemed fitting! How flattered young Henry must have been!
This Candy Bar is always satisfying, not to mention filling! Give them the old fashioned taste of this peanut, fudge caramel and chocolate filled bar with the delightful deluxe of Oh Henry!

#9. 100 Grand Bars

100 Grand Bars-Top 15 Best Selling Candy Bars

Your customers will be feeling extravagant with the delectable, 100 Grand Candy Bar! This American Candy bar includes crispy bits of rice cereal, creamy and golden coloured caramel, and of course, rich milk chocolate. The 100 Grand Candy Bar was introduced to us in 1966. The name is said to have derived from the popularity of game shows that were on television at the time. 
This retro candy bar is a very satisfying American bar, not to mention rich! Your customers will be reminded of just how priceless this spectacular candy bar is!

#10.Mounds Bars

Mounds Bar-Top 15 Best Selling Candy Bars

Give them a "mound" of deliciousness with the Mounds Candy Bar! This old fashioned candy bar is filled inside with a luscious and chewy coconut middle that is surrounded in a coat of smooth and rich dark chocolate. This American Candy Bar comes in two pieces, so you can eat half now and save the other one for later. Just kidding, we know you'll eat one right after the other! The Mounds Candy Bar is a refreshing change from the usual and makes for a dreamy treat for every coconut lover!
Give them an exotic twist with the impeccable taste of the Mounds Candy Bar!

#11. Milky Way Candy Bars

Milky Way Bars-Top 15 Best Selling Candy Bars

Give those candy craving customers a taste of all things divine, with the Milky Way Candy Bar! With it's out of this world, delectable flavour this American Candy Bar is a deluxe indulgence filled to the max with silky, golden caramel, fluffy, chewy nougat, and rich milk chocolate. This Candy Bar is an old fashioned treat that was introduced in 1923. The Milky Way Candy Bar certainly made important candy history, as it was the very first bar to be filled with other elements other than just plain chocolate. Back in the day, the Milky Way Candy Bar would have set you back a nickel. It was also the biggest candy bar that money could buy, weighing in at 3 oz. , compared to the usual 1.5 oz. Now that's a hefty candy bar!
Show them the way, the Milky Way with this exceptional Candy Bar!

#12. Whatchamacallit Candy Bars

Hershey's Whatchamacallit Bars-Top 15 Best Selling Candy Bars

Your customers will forget what to call this candy bar it's so very delicious! This American Candy Bar is a yummy Candy Bar catch! Filled with crispy peanut butter flavoured rice bits, creamy caramel and coated in a layer of Hershey's milk chocolate! The Whatchamacallit Candy Bar made its delectable debut in 1978 and has been a staple candy bar ever since. Every bite is filled with fantastic chewiness and flavour, it always makes for a satisfying snack! You may have a lapse in memory after eating the Whatchamacallit candy bar, but don't worry it's only temporary! Give them a sweet throwback with this retro Candy Bar!

#13. 5th Avenue Candy Bars

Hershey's 5th Avenue Bars-Top 15 Best Selling Candy Bars

No matter where you are the 5th Avenue candy Bar is always a welcome snack! These Candy bars really are as "rich" as they sound. Your customers will feel sophisticated walking out with this Candy Bar! Inside the 5th Avenue awaits layers of a crunchy peanut butter filling for you to indulge in, while enrobed in milk chocolate. The filling in this Candy Bar is sweet and delightful, with a happy crunch in every bite! 5th Avenue was introduced in 1938 and is still reached for today!
Give them a classy snack with the 5th Avenue Candy Bar!

#14. Heath Candy Bars

Heath Bars-Top 15 Best Selling Candy Bars

This old fashioned candy bar remains a favourite! The Heath Candy Bar is filled with a crispy toffee center that is wrapped in milk chocolate. Meant to resemble "English Toffee" the Heath Bar has a delightful almond-like flavour to it. You might compare this to the Skor Candy Bar, but they really do taste different. The Heath Candy Bar offers that sweet nutty flavour while the Skor Candy Bar is more of a buttery taste. This Candy Bar gives a fantastic crunch in every morsel, with that crunchy texture and deep rich flavour of English Toffee it's a very hard candy bar to pass on. Since 1928, the Heath Candy Bar has satisfied the masses! This Candy Bar is also ideal for topping desserts, break it up into tiny pieces and add it on top of cupcakes, cakes, ice cream or cheesecake. 
Make their mouths water with sweet anticipation with the Heath Candy Bar!

#15. M&M's Candies

M&M's Chocolate Candies-Top 15 Best Selling Candies

Okay, we know it's not really in the shape of a bar but it certainly falls into the candy bar category. Your chocolate section would not be complete if it was left without the sweet addition of M&M's! Coming in a multitude of different flavours and textures, this a favourite candy choice worldwide! These brightly candy-coated chocolates are designed for true candy connoisseurs and are guaranteed to delight those tastebuds!  M&M's started to melt in our mouths in 1941, and they haven't stopped since! This old fashioned candy has staying power and an enormous fan base! No matter what your preference, there's sure to be a flavour of M&M's to satisfy your sweet tooth! Check out our whole collection of M&M's Chocolate Candies and give your customers an old fashioned mouthful of pure deliciousness!

We had to add these epic candy bars!

#16. Coffee Crisp Bars

Coffee Crisp Bars-Top 15 Best Selling Candy Bars

Your customers will feel right at home when they see this iconic Canadian Candy Bar! The Coffee Crisp Candy bar always tastes like "home sweet home". This old fashioned Candy Bar has been delighting us since 1938. Made with perfectly crisp layers of thin wafers, that hold between them, a creamy coffee confection that's covered in rich milk chocolate. The Coffee Crisp is a light, yet satisfying treat. Let's just say, you'll still have room for your mother's meatloaf after this Canadian Candy Bar! Coffee Crisp is made right here in Toronto, Ontario spreading it's joyous deliciousness to everyone who takes a bite!
Spread the joy of the irresistible taste of the Coffee Crisp Candy Bar!

#17. Big Turk Candy Bars

Nestle Big Turk Bars-Top 15 Best Selling Candy Bars

Let's face it, this Canadian Candy bar is a required taste! The Big Turk Candy Bar is a delightfully chewy bar, filled with rose water infused Turkish Delight that is surrounded in a layer of milk chocolate. It's a departure from the typical Candy Bar, it's unique but that just makes it all the more delicious! We may not all agree on the yummy factor of a Big Turk Candy Bar but it's always sure to start a discussion! Love it or hate it, love it or leave it, there is no in-between with this Candy Bar! 
The Big Turk Candy Bar is a must-have item for your candy aisle, those who love them, love them well and need to be able to buy copious amounts at any given time! Be uniquely Canadian with the Big Turk! 

#18. Eat More Candy Bars

Eat-More Bars-Top 15 Best Selling Candy Bars

With such an inviting name this Canadain Candy Bar will really make you want to eat more! The Eat More candy bar is a delectable tasting candy bar that consists of dark and chewy toffee, with bits of peanuts and chocolate throughout. It's an original candy bar and the texture is ideally chewy! "Dive into the unique" is the slogan for this Candy Bar, but we think it's uniquely delicious! The flavours all work in tandem to make the Eat More such a successful Candy Bar. If you love a candy of great chewiness, the Eat More is it! Sinking your teeth into this Candy Bar would make anyone proud to be Canadian! Always give them more with the Eat More Candy bar!

#19. Caramilk Bars

Cadbury Caramilk Bars-Top 15 Best Selling Candy Bars

Give your customers this sweet golden gem, and they'll always be back for more! The Caramilk Candy Bar has been oozing its deliciousness since 1968! Milk Chocolate that is filled with the spectacular sweetness of silky caramel! The Caramilk Candy Bar is nothing short of a luscious candy bar eating experience! We still wonder though, how do they get that caramel inside? It still remains a sweet secret, but one that does sometimes keep us up at night! This Canadian Candy Bar is made right here in Toronto Ontario at the Cadbury Gladstone Chocolate Factory! 
Spread the sweet, golden taste with the Carmilk Candy Bar!

#20. Crunchie Bars

Cadbury Crunchie Bars-Top 15 Best Selling Candy Bars

The Crunchie Bar is sure to have your tastebuds deeply engrossed in a sweet encounter! This Candy bar is made with honeycomb sponge toffee that is covered in Cadbury Milk Chocolate. Each bite is filled with a spectacular "crunch" and the combination of the toffee and chocolate is truly a phenomenal tasting pair. The Crunchie Bar was first made in the UK in 1929, until making it's way to us Canadians in the 1960s. The Crunchie Candy Bar is an original, and definitely stands out in an otherwise crowded sea of nuts, wafers and caramel. 
For a truly delectable crunch, give your customers the Crunchie bar!
Make your Candy Bar section better than average, make it truly incredible with our sweet selection of Candy Bars! Your customers won't bite the hand that feeds them their most favourite Candy Bars!

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