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Top 12 Retro Candies Your Candy Shop Needs

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Hey there, candy store owners! Are you ready to add a blast from the past to your shelves? Retro candies are all the rage, not only for their nostalgic appeal but also because they continue to be timeless favourites that new generations love. Stocking these iconic treats can bring a fun, nostalgic vibe to your store, attracting customers of all ages. Let's dive into the top 12 retro candies you absolutely need for your candy store!

1. Baby Bottle Pop

Baby Bottle Pop - Retro Candy - 90s Candy

Baby Bottle Pop is a fun and interactive candy that first hit the shelves in the late 90s. This candy combines a sugary powder with a lollipop shaped like a baby bottle. Kids (and adults) can dip the lollipop into the powder for an extra burst of sweetness. The fun, playful design makes it a hit among younger customers, while older customers enjoy the nostalgia it brings. Baby Bottle Pop is a must-have for adding a playful twist to your candy selection.

2. Efrutti

Efrutti - Gummy Candy - Retro Candy

Efrutti gummies are known for their quirky shapes and delicious flavours. From gummy burgers and hot dogs to pizza and cola bottles, Efrutti candies bring a playful element to gummy candy. Their fun shapes and great taste make them a hit among kids, while adults enjoy the whimsical designs. Efrutti gummies are perfect for creating eye-catching displays that attract attention and drive sales.

3. Lemonhead

Lemonhead - Lemonhead Candy - Retro Candy

Lemonheads have been a sour candy favourite since the 1960s. These tangy, lemon-flavoured candies offer a perfect balance of sour and sweet that keeps customers coming back for more. Lemonheads are a classic candy that appeals to both kids and adults, making them an essential addition to your retro candy selection. Their bright yellow colour and zesty flavour make them stand out on the shelves.

4. Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish - Swedish Fish Candy - Retro Candy

Swedish Fish are chewy, fish-shaped candies with a unique fruity flavour. First introduced in the 1950s, these candies have remained a popular choice for generations. Their soft, chewy texture and delicious taste make them a favourite among gummy candy lovers. Swedish Fish are a staple in the retro candy world, and having them in your store will surely attract both nostalgic adults and curious kids.

5. Nerds

Nerds - Nerds Candy - Retro Candy

Nerds candy is known for its tiny, crunchy texture and intense fruity flavours. The Nerds Gummy Clusters are the last innovation from the brand, combining the chewy gummy with the crunchy Nerds candy. A super popular and trendy candy that has taken the confectionary world by storm. Nerds have been a beloved candy since the 1980s, and their bright colours and tangy taste make them a fun addition to any candy store. Stocking Nerds candy will definitely bring a pop of colour and excitement to your candy selection.

6. Airheads

Airheads - Airheads Candy - Retro Candy

Airheads are chewy, taffy-like candies that come in a variety of bold flavours. Known for their stretchy texture and intense taste, Airheads have been a favourite since the 1980s. These candies are perfect for those who love a chewy, flavourful treat. The bright packaging and wide range of flavours make Airheads a great addition to your candy store, appealing to both kids and adults who love a fun, chewy candy experience.

7. Blow Pop

Blow Pop - Lollipop - Retro Candy

Blow Pops are lollipops with a bubblegum center, offering a two-in-one candy experience. These lollipops come in a variety of fruity flavours and have been a favourite since the 1970s. Blow Pops are perfect for customers who love both lollipops and bubblegum, giving them the best of both worlds. Their bright, colourful packaging and dual candy experience make Blow Pops an essential addition to your retro candy lineup.

8. Charleston Chew

Charleston Chew - Retro Candy

Charleston Chew is a classic candy bar that has been delighting candy lovers since the 1920s. These chewy, nougat-filled bars come in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavours, all covered in a rich chocolate coating. Charleston Chews can be enjoyed straight from the package or frozen for a unique, crunchy treat. Their classic appeal and delicious taste make them a must-have for any retro candy selection.

9. Nik-L-Nip

Nik-L-Nip - Retro Candy - Wax Bottles

Nik-L-Nip wax bottles are a true retro candy classic. These small wax bottles are filled with flavoured syrup that can be sipped out and then chewed. The unique, interactive nature of Nik-L-Nip makes them a fun and nostalgic treat. These candies have been around for decades and continue to be a favourite for their novelty and sweet, fruity flavours. Adding Nik-L-Nip to your store will definitely attract those looking for a fun, retro candy experience.

10. Haribo Gummies

Haribo - Haribo Candy - Haribo Gummy - Retro Candy

Haribo gummies are world-renowned for their quality and flavour. From gummy bears to cola bottles, Haribo offers a wide range of gummy candies that have been loved for generations. Their chewy texture and variety of fruity flavours make them a favourite among customers of all ages! Haribo gummies are a staple in the candy world, and having them in your store is a sure way to satisfy gummy candy lovers.

11. Fun Dip

Fun Dip - Retro Candy

Fun Dip is an interactive candy that has been delighting kids since the 1940s. Each packet contains a sugary powder and a candy stick that can be used to dip into the powder for a sweet, tangy treat. Fun Dip's playful nature and vibrant flavours make it a favourite among candy lovers and will ensure you have returning customers. Stocking Fun Dip in your store will add a fun, interactive candy experience that customers will love.

12. Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks - Retro Candy

Pop Rocks are the original popping candy that fizzes and crackles in your mouth. First introduced in the 1970s, Pop Rocks provide a unique and fun candy experience that has made them a favourite for decades. The popping sensation combined with fruity flavours makes Pop Rocks a hit among 90s kids. Adding Pop Rocks to your store will definitely draw attention and keep customers coming back for more retro confections!

Stocking these top 12 retro candies will not only enhance your candy store’s selection but also attract a diverse range of customers looking for a trip down memory lane or a new fun treat to try. From the tangy taste of Lemonheads to the chewy delight of Charleston Chew, these candies are sure to be a hit. So, get ready to see those smiles and hear those nostalgic stories as your customers explore the best retro candies your store has to offer!

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