Top 12 Best Selling Canadian Candy

Top 12 Best Selling Canadian Candy

Your store will be sweeter with this Canadian Candy!

We've got many delicious things in this vast land of ours, but nothing compares to the  one of a kind deliciousness of Canadian candy!
Take your customers on a Canadian adventure and treat them to some must-try candies!
Make your candy store a sweet destination with our Top 12 Best-Selling Canadian Candy...

#1. Lucky Elephant Pink Candy Popcorn

Lucky Elephant Pink Candy Popcorn - Canadian Candy
Your customers will be "tickled pink" with the Lucky Elephant Pink Candy Popcorn!
This cheerful-looking pink popcorn comes in a retro box and features that cute elephant on the front.
Delivering its candy-coated crunch in every kernel, this classic Canadian popcorn is bursting with all the charm of the 1950s.
Offering a fruity flavor of a combination of cotton candy and strawberry. The Lucky Elephant Pink Candy Popcorn will add a touch of whimsy to your candy store!
A sweet addition to your snack food section, or create a display at your front counter. This unique-looking pink popcorn will capture the eyes and taste buds of every customer!
Charming us Canadians since the 1950s, the Lucky Elephant Pink Candy Popcorn is one of our sweet and unique Canadian assets!
Make it a lucky day at your candy store with the Lucky Elephant Pink Candy Popcorn!

#2. Lotsa Fizz

Lotsa Fizz - Canadian Candy
Your customers will tingle from their heads to their toes with this Canadian candy!
The Lotsa Fizz candy offers a hard candy shell and a
 top-secret sour candy middle that is filled with some fantastic-tasting fizz!
This retro candy starts off with a sweet taste before morphing into a  
sensational sour candy experience!
Lotsa Fizz is addictive; once you've felt the action of that fun and fizzy middle, you just won't be able to stop! Your candy-loving customers will definitely be back for more!
No candy store would be complete without the excitement of the Lotsa Fizz! A fun and flavorful addition to your sour candy section.
Get your customers' taste buds tingling with the thrilling taste of the Lotsa Fizz!

#3. Popeye Candy Sticks 

Popeye Candy Sticks - Canadian Candy
Take your customers on a stroll down memory lane with the Popeye Candy Sticks! This retro candy features our pal, the scrappy little seaman with a squinty eye, Popeye The Sailor Man!
Long and slender, these candy sticks offer an unforgettable sweet and chalky crunch in each and every bite.
Your customers will love to unbox their childhood memories with this famous Canadian candy!
Popeye Candy Sticks are a cool and classic retro candy that every candy store needs! After all, who could resist this candy-infused nostalgia?
Spark up your customer's candy appetites with the classic taste of Popeye Candy Sticks!

#4. Cadbury Creme Egg

Your customers might actually have egg on their faces after indulging in the Cadbury Creme Egg! This egg-cellent Cadbury chocolate features a milk chocolate egg composed of a thick chocolate shell with a yellow and white, creamy fondant middle.
No candy store could ever really be complete without the Canadian wonder of the Cadbury Creme Egg!
Your customers don't want to have to wait for the Easter Bunny! This Canadian chocolate treat is a must-have to stock in your chocolate section!
The Cadbury Creme Egg is made right here in Toronto, Canada, on Gladstone Ave. Offering a delectable taste of "home sweet home" the Cadbury Creme Egg is truly a sweet Candain gem!
Make your candy store eggs-quisite with the famous Cadbury Creme Egg!

#5. Chews Assorted Sour Bubble Gum

Chews Sour Bubble Gum - Canadian Candy
Take your customers on a trip down memory lane with the Chews Assorted Sour Bubblegum! This colourful and speckled-looking bubble gum offers a tangy, sour sensation in an assortment of fruity flavours. 
Makes an excellent choice to have in your sour candy section. This sour bubblegum is the perfect chaser after indulging in some sour candy! 
Your customers will be over the moon to find their beloved childhood gum in your candy store! Offering an instant taste of tangy and sour, this Canadian classic will have your customers back for more!
Make your candy store sensationally sour with the Chews Assorted Sour Bubblegum!

#6. Jawbreaker Candy

Jawbreaker Candy - Canadian Candy
A classic in the world of candy! Jawbreaker Candy deserves a place in every candy store! Your candy-loving customers would be lost without Jawbreaker Candy!
From jawbreaker lollipops, giant jawbreakers, and bubble gum-filled jawbreakers. For some reason, this hard as a rock candy just never loses its appeal! Perhaps it's all those layers of colourful candy or the sweet anticipation of actually finishing one!
Oakleaf Confections makes our most loved and best-selling, the Jawbreaker with a bubblegum middle. It's like a reward for all that hard work of eating through the jawbreaker candy!
The famous Jawbreaker is an essential candy for your candy store! 
Add a whimsical feeling to your store with a variety of Jawbreaker Candy!

#7. Glosette

Give your customers a sweet taste of Canadian deliciousness with Glosette!
Available in various fillings like peanuts, almonds or raisins. This Canadian candy features yummy fillings and is finished with a glossy layer of milk chocolate! 
Crunchy and creamy Glosette are an old-fashioned candy that is an essential item to stock in your candy store!
Your customers will love to see Glosettes in your chocolate section. They make the perfect choice for any sweet craving, and they are ideal for any movie-time snack.
These delightful chocolate candies made their delicious debut in the 1930s and have remained a popular and well-loved choice of Canadian candy for generations!
Crack the code to having satisfied customers in your candy store with the classic taste of Glosette!

#8. Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids - Canadian Candy
The possibilities are endless with the flavourful fun of Sour Patch Kids!
This Canadian candy is a must-have candy to feature in your candy store.
These famous Canadian kids are always up to something mischievous and delicious!
This fun escapade of sour candy is ultimately chewy and offers its famous move of starting off "sour then sweet."
A top contender for any customer looking for a sour candy. Offering a huge variety of fruity and flavorful candy. Made in various shapes and sizes, Sour Patch Kids are an essential Canadian Candy!
These sour-tasting candy kids will add adventure to your candy store and a classic choice in your sour candy section!
Making its debut in the 1970s, this sour candy was once named "Mars Men" before its current name.
Bring your customers on a whirlwind of sourness with the legendary Sour Patch Kids!

#9. Maltesers Chocolate

Maltesers Chocolate - Canadian Candy
Your customers will make any bag of Maltesers disappear in an instant!
This old-fashioned candy got its start in Britain in the 1930s before it finally made its way to Canada in the later part of the 1940s.
Maltesers Chocolate boasts round, milk chocolate-covered balls with a crisp middle of golden honeycomb. The creamy texture on the outer layer is the perfect highlight to that crunchy malted middle!
A compulsory chocolate candy to have in your candy store. No chocolate section would be complete without these chocolate Canadian gems!
Offer your customers the most flawless crunch with Maltesers Chocolate!

#10. Thrills Gum

Thrills Gum - Canadian Candy
This famous purple gum is a right of passage for every Canadian kid!
Thrills Gum is an iconic Canadian gum made in a hue of purple and known for tasting like soap!
In reality, there is no soap in this gum, but it is infused with rose water, which gives Thrills Gum a very distinctive taste and also makes it an unforgettable experience.
Love it or hate it, Thrills Gum is a must-have in any candy store! Its classic retro packaging and taste are truly one of a kind!
Thrills Gum made its very purple debut in the 1940s. Originally, this gum was made in various flavours before settling on the classic soap-like rendition.
Be it weird or wonderful, Thrills Gum is perhaps an acquired taste, but guaranteed, you have customers who simply can't live without this gum!
Give em' some cheap thrills with the distinctive taste of Thrills Gum!

#11.  Smarties Candy

Smarties Candy - Nestle Canada - Canadian Candy
One of the best attributes of being Canadian is our rendition of Smarties Candy! Our Smarties Candy consist of a colourful coating of a candy shell filled with real milk chocolate! A far cry from what our American friends deem to be Smarties!
Of course your candy store just would not be the same without this classic Canadian candy! Smarties Candies are an essential item to have in your chocolate section!
Your customers will taste their childhood in each and every colourful gem! In fact, their tastebuds will most certainly do the "happy dance" as they probably eat the red ones last!
Smarties Candy began to spoil us in the 1930s with their crunchy candy coating and melt-in-your-mouth middle. A favourite Canadian candy that has been brightening up the hungry taste buds of generations!
Will your customers "Suck them very slowly, or crunch them very fast"? 

#12. Mackintosh Toffee

Mackintosh Toffee - Canadian Candy


Offer your customers one of the most irresistible Canadian candies that ever existed! Mackintosh Toffee is an old-fashioned candy that's been loved for well over 100 years. This toffee is a must-have unforgettable taste of Canada to offer in your candy store!
A golden and buttery-tasting slab of thin taffy that is firm yet chewy. Some people like to freeze it and then crack it up. Whichever way you enjoy MacIntosh Toffee, it's a succulent-tasting toffee. Boasting its creamy, dreamy, sweet and slightly salty flavour, Mackintosh Toffee would make anyone proud to be a Canadian!
Originally, this toffee was created by John Mackintosh, who deemed himself the "King of Toffee". We agree; he was certainly on to something! Mackintosh Toffee came out of Halifax, England. Before it made its way across the pond to Canada in 1931, brought to us by Rowntree.
Entice your customers with the golden dream of Mackintosh Toffee!

Stock this Canadian candy in your store

We boast many amazing things in this great land of ours, but none compare to our unforgettable candy!
Make your candy store a delicious destination for the best-selling Canadian candy! Your customers will appreciate that touch of home!
Which candy will you add to your candy store next? After all the taste of Canada never gets old, eh?

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